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Lost Canadians

Jan 10th, 2014
No birth certificate, no identification papers, no citizenship. A father worries about the future of his life in Canada.
Dec 30th, 2013
Jackie Scott, 68,  feels the sting of being a non-citizen each time she crosses the border from the U.S. into Canada, where she spends as much time as she can every year. As the daughter of a...
Dec 30th, 2013
After years of relentless reporting by the Vancouver Observer on injustices suffered by Lost Canadians, it looks like feds are poised to right the wrongs.
Dec 13th, 2013
The Green Party of Canada is calling on the Citizenship and Immigration department to exercise restraint and to ensure that due process is followed in the case Richard Germaine, an elderly First...
Justin Trudeau in Vancouver
Jul 25th, 2013
Trudeau acknowledges Lost Canadians' plight in Vancouver stopover.
Jul 22nd, 2013
Jackie Scott's court case could become as definitive to Canadian citizenship as Roe v. Wade was to reproductive rights in the U.S., Lost Canadians advocate says.
Jul 16th, 2013
Not Canadian enough? Sarah Currie and her husband Mike are an Ottawa-based couple looking forward to bringing a child in their lives: 23-month-old Smith, a boy currently living in a Haitian orphanage...
Jun 30th, 2013
Colonel Charles McGee looks thoughtful as he reflects on his story en route to UBC for Red Tails, Dragon Tails, a summit of Chinese Canadian and African American soldiers who fought for their country...
Jun 2nd, 2013
Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau condemned Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney for being "slow" to grant citizenship to Canadian soldiers and their relatives who remain excluded due...
Apr 10th, 2013
Canadians born to a Canadian parent abroad are realizing they no longer qualify as citizens.