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What to do when the IPCC gets you down

There's only so much end of the world you can take. Here's what you can do about it.

Province and Port of Vancouver back down and settle truckers strike

The lengthy strike by truck drivers at the Port of Vancouver BC who move half of the port’s shipping containers has been settled. An agreement was reached on March 26 that will see an increase of 12...

The re-industrialization of Howe Sound would devastate BC's environment and tourism economy

If it were any other country, this southernmost fjord in the Northern Hemisphere would be declared a national treasure and protected. Like Stanley Park. But it isn’t.

Vancouver neighbourhoods tired of towers, maybe it's time to build down?

As Greater Vancouver prepares to accommodate another 1.2 million people by 2041 it's time we talked about all that unused density right below us.

Alison Redford would not be expected to be a 'nice lady' if gender roles were reversed

If Alison Redford were Al Redford, would people have the same expectations of her behaviour?

Harper's mobs, oaths and long-term austerity plan

On the path "Stephen Harper has chosen for us."

Failure not an option for climate movement

Saying the climate movement is a failure and we should give up is not an option.

If Stephen Harper believes in God, why is he indifferent to the environment?

Stephen Harper is relentlessly inclined to political acts that harm the environment. Do his beliefs have anything to do with it?

Fossil fuel drive spurs political radicalization in Canada

Disappointing positions from progressive parties on the tar sands?

The attack on Canadian non-profits, and why we have to respond

Finance Minister Jim Flaherty has lumped legitimate Canadian charities in with terrorist organizations. This is untrue, and unfair.

Vancouver got played: BCLC CEO Michael Graydon defects to Paragon Gaming

Critics of casino expansion may now safely say "I told you so."

How renewables and electric cars may give the climate new hope

The IPCC Report released this past week paints a bleak picture for the global climate in the 21st century. A range of human impacts are predicted, including food shortages, droughts, extreme weather...

Time for Clark to prove she calls the shots, not Enbridge

Kai Nagata of Dogwood Initiative responds to an article in the Vancouver Observer regarding Premier Christy Clark's past ties to a firm that once lobbied for Enbridge.

When clearcuts and planning negligence kill

The death toll from the massive landslide at Oso, Washington State, northeast of Seattle, may exceed that of the Mount St. Helen's eruption in 1980, south of Seattle, that killed 57. So far, 24...