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Oil sands: a promise and a curse

Thoughts for responsible oil sands development: a visitor's perspective

John Seigenthaler inspired young reporters to practice journalism as "fearless voice of people, public trust"

John Seigenthaler embodied the best of what journalism can be, "a fearless voice of the people, a public trust."

Chief Stewart Phillip on LNG: 'This has to become a popular struggle'

"The economy of this province is being built on the destruction of the Northeast."

Dear Prime Minister: we 300 scientists find Northern Gateway review flawed

On the eve of Ottawa's decision on Northern Gateway pipeline, 300 scientists say a recent federal review of the project was deeply flawed.

Enbridge approval could shake up Conservative majority in 2015

If you’re one of the 21 Conservative Members of Parliament in BC, what are you thinking right now as the decision on Enbridge draws near?

Oil and gas industry's right to profit vs. the right to live

Can Canada oppose assisted suicide yet support the voluntary extinction of the planet?

California shootings reveal troubled culture

"I needed to feel worthy as a male. For so long I have felt worthless, and it's all girls' fault."

Foreign procurements taking jobs from Canadians

Canadians are losing jobs to foreign procurements.

Lessons from the Komagata Maru

Are there parallels between the Komagata Maru and the recent policies of the Canadian government?

Draft Day at the Supreme Court: the Harper v. McLachlin feud explained

To the average person, a judge is a judge is a judge. But judges are more like hockey and football players.