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About the Vancouver Observer

The Vancouver Observer is an online newspaper that features award-winning investigative reporting, national, regional and city news reporting, and outstanding coverage of entertainment, food and culture.  The Vancouver Observer was nominated for the 2013 Canadian Journalism Foundation (CJF) Excellence in Journalism Award, winner of the 2012 CJF Excellence in Journalism Award as well as the 2010 Canadian Online Publishing Award for "Best Online-Only Articles."

Front row: Mike Chisholm, Janel Johnson, Linda Solomon Wood, Jenny Uechi, Jordan Yerman 
Back row: Mychaylo Prystupa, Anja Konjicanin, Lee Carney. Photo by Bill Weaver. Not pictured: Jason Hall, Matt Millar and Julia Watson.

The Vancouver Observer helps keeps its readers informed about what's going on from the alleyways of the city to the halls of power in Ottawa.

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Winner of the 2012 Excellence in Journalism Award, Canadian Journalism Foundation 


What's it like to write for the Vancouver Observer?

"VO taught me many tools of the trade I use now at Al Jazeera, but it was existentially one of the best positions I've ever held-- a great platform to learn why journalism is magnificent and how to do it right and with gusto. VO has the kind of heart and often literary grace that is missing on a lot of news sites, in an age where some publications I've had the pleasure not to work at only seem to care about search engine optimization. VO gave me an opportunity to tell a boundless public Canada's fascinating, under-told story and situate a magnificent, complex place in a global context."

We believe that stories can make all the difference in reaching peoples' hearts and minds.