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Monica Wilson, Gaia International, San Francisco
Mar 31st, 2014
VO digs deep into Metro Vancouver's garbage story. A summary of twenty articles. More to come.
Mar 21st, 2014
“It’s been an economic and environmental sinkhole for the city,” Detroit zero waste advocate Ahmina Maxey said.
Mar 18th, 2014
Metro Vancouver called Paris's incinerator “one of the best facilities on the continent.” Last week, it was being blamed as helping to cause heavy layer of smog.
Mar 4th, 2014
Paper, clothing, records, plastics and metal. These aren't supposed to end up tossed in the waste stream, but some have escaped the inspector’s scrutiny and face a fiery end.
Feb 21st, 2014
UBC air quality scientist says a regional plan to burn garbage is a 'danger' to human health
Feb 4th, 2014
Just a pile of ugly garbage to you and me. Huge money to one lucky player. Maybe.
May 9th, 2010
Burn, bury, or reduce our waste to zero? Over the next six months, Vancouver has some hard decisions to make about garbage. Introducing Earth Matter's series on how and where we'll be...
Apr 21st, 2010
The goal of the city's new food scrap composting program is to reduce garbage by 35%, Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson said at a press conference outside City Hall this morning. The city's...
Mar 30th, 2010
No matter where you throw it, garbage doesn't really go "away." This article on incineration is the first in a VO series on Vancouver garbage.