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First Nations

Arlene Carson swears in on a salmon
Jan 5th, 2013
When science professor Arlene Carson learned she would be sworn in at the Enbridge Joint Review Panel hearings, she thought hard about what she wanted to swear on. After considering what would be...
Jan 4th, 2013
Every one of the 24 speakers at the joint review panel hearings in Victoria were vehemently opposed to the pipeline.
Grand Chief Stewart Phillip and his wife Joan
Dec 23rd, 2012
First Nations peoples from all over British Columbia gathered at the Vancouver Art gallery Sunday to protest bill C-45 and the Enbridge pipeline.
Dec 14th, 2012
Saturn has been understood as a tyrant, representing the ruthlessness of hierarchical organization.
Oct 31st, 2012
An amazing video tells the story of the VSB Aboriginal Snowboarding Team.
Oct 23rd, 2012
First Nations leaders led the protests of 4,500 people in Victoria on Monday.
Oct 18th, 2012
Why Leo Baskatawang decided to go for a walk from Vancouver to Ottawa, a copy of the Indian Act chained to his body.
Oct 16th, 2012
The Nobel Women's Initiative delegation was surprised to find that the federal government had called First Nation grandmothers "enemies of the state."
Jul 20th, 2012
As HiVE members Interactive Athletes Corp and REV Technologies wrapped up their coffee morning talks about their upcoming projects, participants, who intently listened...
May 30th, 2012
Since the 1970s, the small store-turned-gallery has helped showcase BC's unique history and culture with visitors from around the world.