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Dec 23rd, 2009
You'd better watch out -- especially when surfing at work. You-know-who knows when you've been good or bad -- and I'm not talking about Santa!
Dec 22nd, 2009
On the West Vancouver seawall, a Christmas tree exhibit yields evidence of quirky creativity. A story in photographs.
Dec 16th, 2009
What can you buy a music lover in Vancouver?
Dec 16th, 2009
Look back over the year that has almost passed and reflect on what you’ve learned. And remember, karmically, what you plant is what you reap.
Dec 15th, 2009
What do you buy a music lover for Christmas in Vancouver?
Dec 12th, 2009
Looking for some new ideas on that perfect Christmas photo? Visit the Festival of Lights hosted by the VanDusen Botanical Gardens and just bring your camera…
Dec 11th, 2009
Finally, a real journey into the magical sources and traditions of Christmas, from the greatest of contemporary Celtic scholars and gentlemen. It’s The Winter Solstice: The Sacred Traditions of...
Dec 10th, 2009
Stuck for a gift idea? Why not pick up the tab at a local restaurant? Two enterprising students have just made it easy for you.
Dec 1st, 2009
If there is a motto I’m hoping to follow this month, it’s “Presence for the Holidays.”  Note that this is “presence” rather than “presents” as the latter often reduces my experience of loved...
Nov 30th, 2009
So far, 2009 has been an extraordinary year for Vancouver real estate. Well, at least it's been good for those of us that own real estate. For those of us that were sitting on the sidelines hoping...