“Charitable” Fraser Institute accepted $500k in foreign funding from Koch oil billionaires

In four years alone, U.S. Tea Party architects the Koch brothers poured half a million dollars into Canadian right-wing think tank, the Fraser Institute.

Billionaire oil barons David and Charles Koch contributed richly to "charitable" Canadian right-wing Fraser Institute

As the Conservative assault continues against Canadian environmental charities, The Vancouver Observer has learned that since 2007, foreign oil billionaires the Koch brothers have donated over half a million dollars to the “charitable” right-wing Fraser Institute.

According to U.S. tax documents, the Fraser Institute received $150,000 from the Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation in 2008, $175,500 in 2009, and another $150,000 in 2010. The grants were purportedly for "research support" and "educational programs".


Koch U.S. Tax document slideshow:


Prior to 2008, the Institute received another $25,000 in funding from the Claude R. Lambe Foundation, which is under the umbrella of Koch Family Foundations.

It has long been known that the ultra-conservative Koch Brothers have been donors for the conservative policy think-tank—though this information is not listed the Institute’s Annual Reports—however, the extent of their funding in the past few years demonstrates the foundation’s more recent influence in Canadian politics.

Grants to the Fraser Institute are also among the highest amounts listed in the Koch Foundation’s tax records; apart from a few substantial grants to American universities, most of the other donations were under $10,000.

Charitable foundation conducting “intensely” political activity

The Fraser Institute, described by rabble.ca as “Canada’s most intensely political organization”, is a registered non-profit focused on economic and public policy research. The group’s work is often seen as controversial (which they boast about on the website), and is generally in support of conservative, small-government, free-market values.

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this is scary

the Koch brothers involve with the Conservative Party sounds really scary. They wont "invest" here unless they get something back from Canada. At what cost to Canadians. The prisons they Harper wants to build in Canada (without needing them) is the same thing the US is doing in Florida and other places. The sand oil disregards the environment completely. The Koch brothers do the same in the US.

I just have to remember to ignore anything the Fraser Institute says from now on. I know where there marching orders come from now.


Historically Simon Fraser died penniless.

DO NOT mar his good name with controversy! He was a good man & would not have wanted the environment destroyed by oil greedy individuals, he was a faithful employee of the NorthWest Company, an explorer...a clerk, who is buried here at St. Andrews West, Ontario where most employees of the Company settled. 

Educational Charities Legal

There is a difference between direct efforts like telling people to vote a certain way or for a specific candidate and providing objective research data that political policymakers may be influenced by in their decisions.

In the case of David Suzuki foundation, Vivian Krause in her @FairQuestions blog proved conclusively that science and education took a back seat to political advocacy.

If a charitable funded research institute came up with contrary research, they are free to publish and influence policy as an educational charity without breaking laws.

There truly is no moral or legal equivalence here.  Our environmental "charities" sold out to Canada's competitors and ignored important and legitimate environmental issues in Canada in the process.

What pretextual issues did the Fraser Institute "advocate" for?  What "political" goal was attempted by the pretext?  Accusations are not proof.  Krause had the proof.  You don't.

Fair Vote Canada, which advocates fair voting reform and is strictly non-partisan, was rejected twice for charitable status because we are an "advocacy" organization. We went to the length of forming an arm's-length foundation to do educational work and were still rejected.

Yet the Fraser Institute, which is a straight-up propaganda machine, is allowed to retain charitable status?

It beggars belief.


Fraser Institute

First, thank you Koch Brothers for the donation !

Second, who is this writer .... and his editor ..... did they even get out of Grade School ????  Who are your readers ????

The Fraser Institute is doing what it's intended for and expected to do as a World Class Think Tank. Nothing more, nothing less.



So a world class think tank lowers itself to razz the writer and the editor and even the readers who had nothing to do with the article or its' production????

How much thinking did you do at your world class think tank to come up with that?

The Fraser Institute is a typical front for Conservatives and their bible thumping agenda.

You fool no one.




Charitable Donations

I don't get it.  No questioning that a conserted pounding on the desk by Canadian Universities to 'reducate' students to believe in athieism. Real smart our supposedly smartest haven't figured that out.  Thank God there are Godly men who are faithful to the  teachings of the Bible and what was once a country based on Christianity.

I'll see what he has to say when I next visit his grave-site. Anyone interested where Simon & his wife are buried can contact me for a tour. Simon lived in the Cornwall area here in Ontario. I am a direct descendant of Hon. William McGillivray, Lord of the NorthWest Company - Chief Director - 1784-1821.

It's "researchers" and "experts" like Tom Flanagan that staff the Fraser Insitute (I expect a "study" attempting to explain the un-harfmulness of viewing child porn is forthcoming).

These people then go on to be hired by the Vanouver Sun and province, and work as editors, shaping the daily news. I'd say the main reason why our local dailies are so unread. Patricia Graham said she'd fix the paper, here she is 3 years later printing *more* wire copy, less locally researched and written stories, and recently announced another staff cut there. Yep, it's become irrelevant save for publishing their pro-pipeline propaganda with a veneer of objectivity so thin its become invisible.

Fraser Insitute should NOT have charitable status, TELL EVERYONE about it, it is the glaring contradiction is Stephen Harper's supposed "principled" government. It is not principled, Deceivin' Stephen, it is corrupt.

Fraser Institute

Bill Baerg wrote:

First, thank you Koch Brothers for the donation !

Second, who is this writer .... and his editor ..... did they even get out of Grade School ????  Who are your readers ????

The Fraser Institute is doing what it's intended for and expected to do as a World Class Think Tank. Nothing more, nothing less.


The real question is, can you read?  Alexis is clearly a woman.  The Fraser Institute is indeed a World Ass Tink Tank, nothing more, nothing less...

Today's edition of The Current on CBC Radio One featured a panel discussion on the historic march to take place in New York City on Sept 21 demanding action to stop climate change by ending the stranglehold of the fossil fuel industry over government. Guess who the CBC invited to join the panel? A Fraser Institute hack, of course. Isn't that where the climate change experts are to be found? Er, make that fossil fuel industry flaks. Sad demise of a not-very-public broadcaster.

"Charitable" Fraser Institute ...-

Stephen Harper is attempting to systematically repress all voices of protest to his neo-liberal "Vision for Canada".  He has been able to use his position as the head of government to silence Statistics Canada, the CBC, government scientists and other government agencies, and has continued by attacking Canadian charities and the donors who support them by using the Revenue Canada Charities Directorate to initiate onerous audits based on their "political" advocacy.  Good examples the muzzling of the Kairos Foundation from publicly addressing issues of poverty, and their attack on the Suzuki Institute.  The Fraser Institute blatantly advocates for right wing political causes and has often been criticized for publishing misleading data to support tax cuts, financial deregulation and cuts to environmental oversight.  Why are they not subject to an audit?

In their 2013 Charities Directorate Report (only recently posted), they show non-receipted, foreign donations of over $1,300,000 (see report at  http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/chrts-gvng/lstngs/menu-eng.html).  That is a great deal of money influencing Canadian policy from unknown foreign sources.  The Charities Directorate not only has an obligation to have a non-partisan bias, but also to have no appearance of such a bias.  In all fairness a charity audit should be performed on the Fraser Institute.  

A Facebook Causes petition to the Charities Directorate has been launched to this effect.  Supporters have an opportunity to express their valid concern about Mr. Harper's war on freedom of expression by supporting this petition at:



Robert Thorpe, Organizer,