Seeds you can start in February

It’s still early days, but Vancouver’s warm climate means that there are a few seeds that eager gardeners can get a jump start on.
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An interview with Rob Greenfield, Dude Making a Difference

Rob Greenfield has gone to extremes to reduce his environmental impact, from eating wasted food to going a year without showering.

Why you should eat more beans in 2016

2016 is the year of beans, according to the UN. Here’s why you should eat more.

How to make three days’ worth of packed lunches in an hour

Packing your own lunches saves money and can provide healthier fare than eating out. But how do you get organized and actually do it? Here’s a great time-saving method.

Ginger and red currant solstice scones

Relax and enjoy the winter solstice by baking festive vegan, gluten-free scones that reimagine the bounty of the summer solstice.

Harvesting from the freezer: cooking with frozen vegetables from your garden

Cooking with frozen vegetables is a bit of a lost art. Here are some great favourite ways to prepare them.

Soil: Don’t treat it like dirt

Soil keeps us alive and regulates the climate. Let’s give it the respect it deserves.