After the Paris attacks, connecting with each other and ourselves

Speaking with those in Paris during the attacks and a friend from the Middle East — give human context to a terrible event.
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What happens when you plant seeds in November?

Gardening is all about curiosity and creative exploration. Sometimes, I try things that break all the rules, just because it’s fun and interesting. Like planting seeds in November.

Your numerology cycles November 1–15

Get ready for a shift in attitude and new goals this November.

What gardeners eat in the fall

The rewards of year-round gardening are truly delicious. At this time of year, there’s plenty to harvest and little maintenance required.

Scientist Alejandro Frid's Book Tackles Climate Change Wisely

New book by Scientist Alejandro Frid explores new ways of thinking about climate change.

The Ingenious Tim Flannery Takes on Our Inevitable Climate Crisis in his New Book

Best -selling author and scientist Tim Flannery's latest book, "Atmosphere of Change: Searching for Solutions to the Climate Crisis" changes the conversation about our climate future.

Food security is a political issue

Access to healthy and affordable food is one of the most basic things we need to ensure a safe and productive society. The right to food deserves to be an election issue.