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Kulture Shock

Is PAVCO's proposed mega-casino at B.C. Place too big to fail? No!!!!

Sean Bickerton
Feb 16th, 2011

Picture: VO graphic designer, Ricky Letovsky's depiction of the cash from the proposed mega-casino at B.C. Place, heading down I-5 to the Las Vegas-based Paragon Gaming as revenue.

Our paragon of a premier and Paragon Gaming, a premier casino peddler, have decided to give Vancouver a great big gift!

If approved by City Council after public hearings this Thursday night, they will insert that huge gift-wrapped package right up Vancouver’s False Creek, depositing it right into the centre of our city.

It’s huge! It will be the largest casino in Western Canada, featuring more than 1,500 slot machines!

It will create jobs, we’re told! And provide buckets full of cash to local and provincial coffers!

Did I mention the jobs? Big jobs! Hundreds of them! Right here in the centre of our city! And in case I didn’t mention it, buckets full of cash for local and provincial coffers. What’s not to love?

Now, they say you should never look a gift horse in the mouth. So let’s just ignore the fact that the American company building this mega-casino in our city’s heart is not required to provide any local community amenities in violation of Vancouver development policy.

Guns, gangs and steel

Sean Bickerton
Dec 16th, 2010

Two weeks before Christmas, ten young people were gunned down on the streets of Vancouver just one block from where our Mayor and his family slept. Eight of the victims remain hospitalized with two in critical condition.

While the retorts from the angry shots that rang out that cold, dark night have long since died away, aftershocks from that horrifying assault continue to reverberate throughout the city.

Several years ago, Jared Diamond published Guns, Germs, and Steel, a Pulitzer Prize-winning examination of the environmental advantages that allowed Eurasian civilizations to dominate, and in many cases decimate, other cultures across the globe. He attributed that dominance to three natural advantages he summed up as Guns, Germs and Steel.

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