St. Patrick's Day recipes and the best places to party

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St. Patrick ’s Day is on Saturday, March 17. Celebrate by whipping up a few green-themed treats then heading over to the bars for some Irish fun.

St. Patrick's Day cupcakes. Image from Flicker

St. Patrick's Day Treats

Guinness cupcakes

Get a little tipsy with a dark chocolate cupcake infused with Guinness draught topped with a delicious Jack Daniel’s whiskey frosting.

Irish Brownie Bombs

Chocolate cheesecake brownies with Bailey’s Stout and whiskey. A Guinness-flavoured chocolate brownie with a layer or Bailey’s cheesecake.

Shamrock Macarons

Take the macaron craze to a new level with Shamrock-shaped macarons filled with a rich Bailey’s chocolate ganache.

St. Patrick’s day nachos

Prepare this creative little snack with baked Shamrock-shaped spinach tortillas topped with avocadoes, cheese and a few other tasty nacho toppings.

Beer mug cupcakes

Cupcakes in the shape of little green beer mugs. A little Guinness cupcake enveloped in green fondant topped with creamy Bailey’s buttercream frosting.

St. Patrick’s Day ice cream cookie pie

Four layers of dessert combined into one. A chocolate chip cookie crust layered with chocolate fudge and mint chocolate chip ice cream topped with a rich whipped cream.

Chocolate Mint Brownies

Delicious, rich chocolatey mint brownies with a thick layer of chocolate and peppermint frosting.

Green whoopie pies

A St. Patrick’s Day twist on traditional chocolate Whoopie pies. Fluffy green velvet cake filled with a rich cream cheese frosting.

Grasshopper cookie ball pops

Try these tasty cookie balls made with grasshopper cookies and chocolate frosting. Put a little extra Irish into the pops with a little edible sparkly gel drizzle.

St. Patrick's Day Parties

Check out the 8th annual St. Patrick’s Day parade on Sunday at 11 a.m. the route begins on Howe and Drake St. 

Head over to one of these Vancouver Irish pubs after the parade and take part in one these St. Patrick ’s Day parties.

Blarney Stone at 216 Carrall St.

Doolin’s Pub at 654 Nelson St.

Ceilis Irish Pub at 670 Smithe St.

Mahony & Sons Public House at 1055 Canada Place or 5990 University Blvd.

The Wolf and Hound at 3617 West Broadway

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