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Jan 16th, 2016
World's fastest, cheapest airline
Jan 14th, 2016
High school heart throb turns suicidal in rock musical "Heathers"
Jan 12th, 2016
Vancouver-based poet, artist and filmmaker Kagan Goh wrote a message on Facebook remembering how late rock legend David Bowie showed humility during a rock concert in Singapore, where Goh's father,...
Jan 9th, 2016
The rise and fall and resurgence of a Peking Opera troupe mirrors the resilience of Chinese cultural traditions.
Jan 7th, 2016
Captain Jack and Lydia in a clinch as Lucius looks on in chagrin. Photo by Blackbird Theatre
Dec 9th, 2015
Opera Warriors runs January 5 and 6 only at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre.
Nov 30th, 2015
On December 5th at 2pm at Centre A, Refugee Advocate and Writer Zool Suleman hosts a discussion in response to “Abounaddara. The Right to the Image.”
Nov 13th, 2015
In a recent stop in Vancouver to promote her book, Our Turn, Kirstine Stewart took a few moments at Roundhouse Radio to talk about her book's premise and the golden era of leadership...
Oct 21st, 2015
News alert from Vancouver City Hall... At Tuesday night's public hearing, City Council voted to make the City of Vancouver’s Arts Event License a permanent program. The popular program was brought...
Oct 20th, 2015
On the eve on an election day here in Canada, it seemed quite fitting for Bill Maher, the American comedian and satirist, to speak in Vancouver. Maher is well known for his HBO political talk show "...