Wes Regan

Working in community economic development in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside since 2009 Wes Regan is the Executive Director of the Hastings Crossing Business Improvement Association (HxBIA) and co-founder of Shape Content, a content development and communications firm focused on social innovation and community programming. He is a Graduate Student in Simon Fraser University's Urban Studies program and holds an Associate's Degree in Geography from Langara College and a BA in Human Geography from SFU. Passionate about his city and his neighbourhood Wes serves on numerous volunteer boards including the Downtown Vancouver Association, The Inner-City Safety Society and is a founding board member of the Vancouver Urban Farming Society.

As election approaches, time to think about what Vancouver's future will look like

Ideas come and go, but a measure of permanence remains in the lasting presence of those ideas within the built form of cities.

Vancouver neighbourhoods tired of towers, maybe it's time to build down?

As Greater Vancouver prepares to accommodate another 1.2 million people by 2041 it's time we talked about all that unused density right below us.

DTES Local Area Plan pleases, and enrages, everyone

As the saga of our several community plans continues to unfold in Vancouver the DTES Plan proves to be perhaps the most complex and innovative, but surprisingly not the most controversial.

Vancouver's inner city gets creative with economic development

With the federal government focused squarely on resource extraction and export Canada's urban centres like Vancouver have been forced to adjust and get creative.

Privilege and empathy: The welfare food challenge confronts us with taboos and truisms

British Columbians from all walks of life are showing their support for an increase in welfare rates by eating no more than $26 worth of groceries over the next seven days.

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Vacant storefronts plague some areas of Vancouver, current tax policies play a major role argue local businesses

Tax hike on touring musicians a horrible idea for Canadian business

New tax will make musicians avoid Canadian stops on their tour and impoverish the cultural scene, critics say.

Licia Corbella, ask anyone in Calgary where to score a cowboy hat and boots...

The recent assault on Vancouver by Licia Corbella is knee jerk reductionism. But we Canadians love taking pot shots at each other's cities don't we?

Gentrification: Fight the system, not your neighbours

A recent op-ed piece by Sid Chow Tan, long-time Downtown Eastside (DTES) activist, captured nicely the current false dichotomy of self-interested gentrifying businesses vs. attention-loving, if...

Demonizing DTES restaurants the wrong place for activists to focus their energy

While poverty activists' concerns are valid, working to bring jobs and business to the Downtown Eastside is the surest way to alleviate poverty.