Warren Bell

Warren Bell is a family physician who lives in Salmon Arm, British Columbia.  He is Past Founding President of Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment

BC Ombudsperson (left) and Premier Christy Clark

BC Ombudsperson slams province on environmental protection

Does the provincial government protect BC's waterways? So far, no. But the BC Ombudsperson has caught up with the neglect.

Harper's mobs, oaths and long-term austerity plan

On the path "Stephen Harper has chosen for us."

If Stephen Harper believes in God, why is he indifferent to the environment?

Stephen Harper is relentlessly inclined to political acts that harm the environment. Do his beliefs have anything to do with it?

Open letter to Canadian Geographic criticizes oil bias

Implies magazine's under the influence

Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment highlights flaws in new oil sands monitoring

New monitoring plan for Oil Sands as deeply flawed as previous discredited program

Everyone deserves a fair share

Anyone can start a movement. And perhaps everyone should. I just did. The world needs movement, change and a better way.

BC government's sneaky non-rejection of Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline

Don't be relieved just yet: the written submission reveals that Enbridge Northern Gateway is still Premier Christy Clark's baby.

Desperately seeking doctor

It’s 10:00 pm on Friday night. You’ve got a bad toothache, and your jaw is swollen and sore to the touch. You’re pretty sure that it’s infected, and it’s getting worse.  The pain is really...

Climate change opponent to oil sands promoter: Peter Kent's journey from journalist to Environment Minister

How Environment Minister Peter Kent went from brilliant, award-winning journalist to oil sands promoter and Harper government spokesperson.