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Webs We Weave, a play written and performed by Vancouver Youth

'Webs We Weave,' a play written and performed by Vancouver youths

It's a merry-go-round of relationships at the strangest 18th birthday party ever. It’s Friday night and Elise is anxiously waiting for her guests to arrive. Caught in a complex web of conflict, loss...

Linda Solomon Wood wins Vancouver Board of Trade Award for Entrepreneurial Innovation

Linda Solomon Wood, the founding publisher of the Vancouver Observer and CEO of Observer Media Group (OMG), has been awarded the Vancouver Board of Trade's 2015 Wendy McDonald...

Mayor's statement on Vancouver fuel spill

Any spill of this nature is met with grave concern by all Vancouver residents, and underscores both the importance of robust oil spill response capacity in our local waters

Justin Trudeau’s Transparency Act: How does it work?

Justin Trudeau’s Transparency Act aims to arm Canadians with more information about what their government does. The bill stands as a rebuke to the secrecy of Stephen Harper’s Conservative Government...
Canadian politics, Martin Luther King, Vancouver, Charter rights

TODAY: First annual Charter of Rights and Freedoms March to launch in Vancouver

On April 17, Canada's first-ever march for the Charter of Rights and Freedoms will launch in Vancouver, B.C. The march, sponsored in part by the Vancouver Observer, celebrates the anniversary of...
Bill Nye will receive SFU honorary award. Photo by  Ed Schipul via Flickr

Bill Nye to receive SFU honorary degree

Scientist, educator and television performer “Bill Nye, the Science Guy,” is one of the individuals set to receive an honorary degree from SFU.
Canadian security, anti-terrorism bill,

Everything you need to know about Bill C-51

New roles for CSIS, expanded surveillance and troubling new definitions of national security.
Transit Contest: tell us a story about your favourite bus driver

Great stories of Vancouver bus drivers

Contest: Writer of best story gets a one month transit pass, compliments of Vancouver Observer.
Just Film Fest: the province’s largest social film festival

Just Film Fest: the province’s largest social film festival

B.C.’s largest social film festival is coming to Vancouver from March 20-22 Amnesty International, CoDevelopment Canada and Village Vancouver in partnership with Langara College Continuing Stud­ies...
The Big Swim Book Tour by Bus

"The Big Swim" Book Tour by Bus

Carrie Saxifrage, author of The Big Swim, Coming Ashore in a World Adrift is hitting the road on a cross country tour. Carrie Saxifrage is a journalist and author whose work on First Nations...