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Thomas Posyniak

Thomas is a volunteer editor and contributor for the Observer. He studies law during the fall and winter.


Jul 30th, 2010
Remember the HST? You do. You’re paying it, everyday, on everything aside from what the provincial government (technically speaking, the federal government) deems not to be essential goods and...
Jul 28th, 2010
The release of more than 91,000 intelligence documents out of the U.S. Department of Defence has re-opened festering debates and controversies about the War in Afghanistan. WikiLeaks, a stateless “...
Jul 20th, 2010
Could Canada become a great power? Ask this question to most Canadians and you will probably be rebuked with an emphatic no, or polite chuckles. It is a question, however, that Canadians and...
Jul 7th, 2010
Stockwell Day, Federal Minister in charge of Parks, recently quashed an attempt to rename Stanley Park to the aboriginal name “Xway xway” (pronownced qwai-qway). This is probably for the best....
Jul 1st, 2010
"We are still the NPA, I am glad to report," Suzanne Anton wrote in an email to the Vancouver Observer yesterday. "It is settled," wrote NPA president Michael Davis on the party's website. "The NPA...
Jun 27th, 2010
Leaders, and by extension, their people, need these international summits in short because there is still no technological alternative to a face-to-face encounter.
Jun 23rd, 2010
The case against the Harmonized Sales Tax has resonated in many sectors across British Columbia. Who can blame people? According to a number of statistical analysis done by Statistics Canada, after...
Jun 21st, 2010
Canada just made its largest military purchase for a single weapon system. Did it make the right choice?
Jun 15th, 2010
Large tankers are a common sight in the Burrard inlet. However, some critics say Vancouver is poised to see an escalating tide of crude oil tankers due to increasing flow of petroleum from Alberta...
Jun 11th, 2010
As the 2010 World Cup kicks off (literally), many sponsors are playing on the often not-so friendly national rivalries.
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