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Steve Anderson


Jan 19th, 2014
Many are expressing outrage now that the public has become aware that Chuck Strahl is acting as a lobbyist for Enbridge, the company hoping to build a controversial oil pipeline...
Jan 10th, 2014
See what Industry Minister Moore has to say about your sky-high cell phone bills
Dec 2nd, 2013
Canada’s new customer-friendly wireless rules will benefit cell phone users from coast to coast to coast.
Aug 19th, 2010
Recent rulings suggest the electronic media regulator can do the right thing when faced with public pressure.
May 5th, 2010
It's your digital revolution, but the government is acting like it belongs to established old school media giants and telecom empires who already have an iron clad grip on Canada's...
Nov 6th, 2009
Tomorrow, Vancouver will host MDD 2009 at the Vancouver Public Library, Saturday, Nov. 7, 11am to 6pm. The event is one of several public forums being held in cities across Canada, marking the tenth...
Nov 6th, 2009
Despite the fact that Canwest filed for court protection against creditors on Oct. 6, 2009, several already well-paid directors, executives and other senior members of Canwest management will share $...
Oct 23rd, 2009
Participate in a live interactive online national video conversation with Fresh Media LIVE & Interactive Online on October 24, 2009. A live interactive online national video discussion with media...
Oct 20th, 2009
It was just over two years ago that I, along with a network of organizations and individuals, would launch what would be the first of many public campaigns to keep Canada’s media open and democratic...
Dec 31st, 2008
What the open Internet does, perhaps more than anything else is allow us to envision, and in fact, actually produce a more democratic media system. But the open Internet is under threat by the very...
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