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Olivia Fermi

Olivia Fermi, M.A.A.B.S., ConRes Cert, is a writer, photographer and integral coach. Besides helping clients jump to the next level in whatever sticky area of work they choose, she talks and gives workshops on the "Neutron Trail", her name for a free-form cultural inquiry into our shared nuclear legacy. "A passion for supporting human life within Gaia’s container fuels my contributions to Earth Matters," says Fermi.




Mar 20th, 2012
Why did Japan abandon its climate change reduction plans? Have emotion and fear clouded vital facts about nuclear energy? And what do experts say about the relative risk of a Fukushima–type accident.
Dec 19th, 2011
Amnesty International campaign encourages people to give the gift of freedom this Christmas.
May 20th, 2011
Vancouver City Councillor Andrea Reimer, well-known for her Green Party roots, contacted me to respond to Village Vancouver’s Randy Chatterjee in my blog post Making Vancouver sustainable:...
Mar 14th, 2011
Discrepancies in news reporting about Fukushima Nuclear crisis prompted me to contact a physicist at Harvard who specializes in communicating with the public about nuclear plant incidents.
Mar 7th, 2011
Who's contributing more to help Vancouver achieve its Greenest City 2020 goals? The City or the people? We bring you a second annual check-up on Greenest City through the eyes of Village...
Oct 5th, 2010
“We are as gods and HAVE to get good at it.” Stewart Brand, the founder of the Whole Earth Catalog, who, in the late 1960’s successfully provoked NASA to publish the first photo of Earth from space,...
Aug 6th, 2010
This year marks the 65th anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan on August 6th and 9th, 1945. The Associated Press reports for the first time in these 65 years, the US sent...
Jul 18th, 2010
To commemorate the 65th anniversary of the detonation of the first atomic bomb, I travelled to Tularosa, New Mexico, a small community directly affected by radioactive fallout from the Trinity...
Apr 21st, 2010
On the eve of Earth Day, a private citizen has succeeded in her quest to enforce Canada’s laws in the case of illegal possession of wild salmon in British Columbia by Marine Harvest, one of the larges
Mar 25th, 2010
Can Vancouverites help honeybees survive? .... Can urbanites coexist with bees? Vancouver Observer finds the answers in a visit to an urban beekeeper's East Side backyard.
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