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Nolan Kelly

Nolan Kelly is a sports writer based in Vancouver. After studying English and political science at Langara and UBC, Nolan came to terms with his unhealthy sports obsession and decided to do the only natural thing: make a career out of it. Nolan recently completed a season writing for, where he wrote the daily Canucks Report. He has been published on, and is currently reviewing The John Carlos Story for Edge of Sports.

His writings are mix of current events, historical remembrances and personal anecdotes. Though articles are predominantly hockey focused, all sports are covered. 

Nolan is currently writing his first book, Barstool Hockey: a Nuanced Guide for the Novice Fan.
His favourite teams are the Canucks, 49ers, Cubs and Whitecaps.

Contact him at
Follow him on twitter @nolanknowsbest



May 9th, 2012
Can Alex Edler step up and become an elite NHL defenceman?
May 8th, 2012
After a look back, it's surprising how many mistakes Mike Gillis, the reigning GM of the year, has made for the Canucks.
May 1st, 2012
Picking up Luongo is like buying gold bars: he is the safest goaltending commodity on the market in years.
Apr 30th, 2012
Mike Gillis faces his most difficult offseason yet, as GM of the Vancouver Canucks.
Apr 15th, 2012
Jackie Robinson broke the colour barrier in Major League baseball 65 years ago today. Nolan Kelly gives a passionate tribute to one of the greatest baseball players in history.
Apr 12th, 2012
Nashville defenseman Shea Weber grabbed Detroit forward Henrik Zetterberg’s head and smashed it into the end boards with extreme force. He gets off with a $2,500 fine.
Apr 11th, 2012
We’ve all been waiting 10 months for the NHL playoffs. The real season begins tonight. Without further adieu, our first round playoff predictions. Nolan takes the Western Conference, Calyn takes the...
Apr 4th, 2012
Forward Eric Hassli is expected to return to the Whitecaps lineup as they travel to San Jose to face the Earthquakes.
Apr 2nd, 2012
Do the Vancouver Canucks have what it takes to make it to the Stanley Cup finals again? The Sports Couple gives their reasons why they're a changed team from last season.
Mar 14th, 2012
In case you missed part one of our March Madness preview, "How to win YOUR pool", check it out here. Today the Sports Couple talks picks for the 2012 tournament. Without further ado, our upsets...
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