Mychaylo Prystupa

Mychaylo Prystupa is a long-time news journalist and video producer specializing in energy and the environment. He is also an experienced news photographer.  In his past as a CBC News reporter, he filed more than 1,000 TV and radio stories across Canada, as well as an award-winning violinist documentary for The National in Shanghai, China.  You can follow him on Twitter at: @mychaylo.  Personal website.

Kwatlem First Nation at NEB Kinder Morgan Hearing Chilliwack - Mychaylo Prystupa

Kinder Morgan questions how much B.C. First Nation still eats fish

NEB hearings underway to hear Aboriginal oral evidence into Kinder Morgan's proposed oil pipeline, that would cross dozens of rivers sacred to First Nations.
Ian McAllister tidal wolf photo - Great Bear Wild - used with permission

Great Bear Rainforest photographer urges a halt on tar sands oil

Spotting a pair of hungry wolves return to the same tidal spot on B.C.'s rainforest coast he's seen them come to for years, photographer Ian McAllister whipped into action: zipping up his dry suit,...
US Air Force pararescueman scans Texas after Hurricane Ike in 2008 - USAF photo

Canada should heed Pentagon’s climate change warnings: defence expert

The Pentagon report says that climate change is a “threat multiplier” that will amplify “climate aggravated flash points” around the world.
Aerial of Syncrude oil sands facilities near Fort McMurray -  Andrew S. Wright

Energy East to ignite pan-Canadian battle over Alberta’s oil sands

Oil analysts predict a smoother approval for the Energy East versus Northern Gateway or Keystone XL, even as protests over the $12-billion project heat up in Eastern Canada
NPA mayoral candidate Kirk LaPointe - Joel Grenz

Why I want to be Vancouver Mayor: NPA's Kirk LaPointe

Former newsman wants to create the most open, accountable city government in Canada
Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Pipeline warning sign - Mychaylo Prystupa

Constitutional showdown: Kinder Morgan and Burnaby battle over cities' say on pipelines

Should cities have a say in the transport of explosive oil through dense urban areas?
Marine Safety - The People Behind The Pipeline - Kinder Morgan video screen shot

Kinder Morgan TV ads attacked as influencing city elections in B.C.

"The debate should be between local candidate versus local candidate....not candidates debating with giant Texas oil companies," said MP Kennedy Stewart.
Shanghai - Mychaylo Prystupa

China overtakes USA as world's largest economy

"One hundred million trips were taken by Chinese people outside the country last year -- one hundred million!" says Canadian China affairs expert.
Lunar Letdown Vancouver - Christina Guan @helloguanster

Lunar let down: clouds disappoint blood moon show

Darn clouds - but at least you're not 18th century French astronomer Guillaume Le Gentil
Lunar eclipse - April 15 - 2014 - NASA photo

Vancouver ideal global spot to witness 'blood moon' lunar eclipse

H.R. Macmillan Space Centre in Vancouver hosting a "pre-party" at 7pm Tuesday night.