Mychaylo Prystupa

Mychaylo Prystupa is a long-time news journalist and video producer specializing in energy and the environment. He is also an experienced news photographer.  In his past as a CBC News reporter, he filed more than 1,000 TV and radio stories across Canada, as well as an award-winning violinist documentary for The National in Shanghai, China.  You can follow him on Twitter at: @mychaylo.  Personal website.

SFU professor Lynne Quarmby arrested Burnaby Mountain Kinder Morgan - M Prystupa

Kinder Morgan arrestee Lynne Quarmby to run for Greens in federal election

Elizabeth May encouraged Quarmby to run, after the SFU professor's arrest on Burnaby Mountain in protest of the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion
Premier Christy Clark site c dam approval - bc gov't photo

Premier Clark approves controversial Site C Dam in northern BC

Critics say the dam was built to power LNG plants, while Aboriginal groups slam the decision as not respecting their views.
Shell's Arctic Challenger spraying spilled oil and gas - Superior Energy

Shell's Arctic Challenger to burn oil spills, as solution to the pollution

The Arctic Challenger sailed in to the Port of Vancouver -- the vessel is a key part of Shell's oil and gas spill recovery systems for the Arctic.
Kinder Morgan protester Karen Mahon arrested Burnaby Mountain by RCMP - Prystupa

Burnaby's legal battle against Kinder Morgan rejected by federal court

In a see-saw contest between the City of Burnaby and a $100-billion-Texas-based pipeline corporation, the municipality learned Friday its legal attack against Kinder Morgan will likely be heard in...
SCO Grand Chief Terry Nelson at AFN 2014 Winnipeg convention - live web feed

First Nations chiefs talk tough on oil sands wealth at AFN convention

“Americans are waking up to the fact the Tar Sands is Dirty Oil,” says a Manitoba Grand Chief.
Tamo Campos Klabona Keepers fundraiser Beyond Boarding event - Mychaylo Prystupa

David Suzuki's grandson brings star power to Sacred Headwaters fight over Imperial Metals

Kinder Morgan-style arrests expected in a conflict over a copper-gold mine in northwest B.C. in a pristine, celebrated wilderness area.
Sightline Institute - Facts about Kinder Morgan report

U.S. report slams Kinder Morgan’s enviro transgressions, including on Burnaby Mountain

Bribing a ship captain, oil spills, and million-dollar fines among the transgressions highlighted by a U.S. report on Kinder Morgan.
Louisette Lanteigne Waterloo resident holding NEB letter - photo James Jackson

Waterloo woman finds NEB e-mail lauding public’s inability to question pipelines

A Waterloo "citizen investigator" finds NEB memo boasting about Harper government changes at pipeline hearings designed to speed project approvals.
Burnaby Mountain protesters cross police line Kinder Morgan Mychaylo Prystupa

Burnaby Mountain battle: our notes from the courts, the woods and 100 arrests

History unfolded on Burnaby Mountain. This is the Vancouver Observer's account of what we saw.
UBCIC Grand Chief Stewart Phillip arrested on Burnaby Mountain Mychaylo Prystupa

Grand Chief crosses police line on Burnaby Mountain: dramatic new video

RCMP: "I'll be taking you into custody, and obviously I want to do that with as much dignity as possible." Grand Chief: "Appreciate that."