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Merridith Townsend

Merridith Townsend is a devoted hedonist, obsessive freelance writer and a middle of the road cook. Raised in the Vancouver food industry, she has been having fits over eatables her entire life and abhors nothing more than ill behaved children in restaurants. Because of this her own children are duct taped soundly to booster seats should they join her….


Sep 26th, 2012
Rockford Wok and Grill pulls a fast one.
Sep 20th, 2012
Wine enthusiasts enjoyed all-you-can-sip extravagance at the second annual Fraser Valley Cork and Keg Festival. The Redemption Zin was like Monica Bellucci in a bottle.
Agave syrup: is it really healthier than sugar?
Sep 4th, 2012
What do we really know about agave syrup? Is it actually healthier than white sugar?
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