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Meghan O'Neill

Born in the United States, Meghan has spent her life bouncing back and forth across the border. Growing up in places such as New Hampshire, Calgary, Vancouver, and Arizona she has finally settled for Yaletown, Vancouver.

Living in a “spatially-challenged”,  overpaid downtown apartment, Meghan spends her time finding various excuses to procrastinate from whatever her current writing project happens to be (Come to think of it, Meghan quite often finds various excuses to procrastinate from any activity…)

Meghan’s future goals include: putting away her laundry, doing her taxes, and finishing her book.


Nov 25th, 2010
I used to think that the best thing about a cookbook was the pictures. Somehow, just looking at colours on a piece of paper could make my tummy grumble with hunger. At the same time, the worst thing...
Nov 1st, 2010
This month the Vancouver Observer was awarded funding from the new Magazine Association of BC Internship Initiative.  VO is extremely pleased to use this funding to provide opportunities for...
Aug 30th, 2010
This past weekend, Paralympic silver medalist Josh Dueck spent 24 hours with no sleep and his right hand in the air to represent the WorkSafe BC Raise Your Hand. This movement empowers the province's...
May 21st, 2010
Lewis Carroll's classic Alice in Wonderland has never been out of print in the 145 years since first publication. It has made the leap from print to the big screen, then the small screen, then...
Apr 23rd, 2010
The yearly catalogue created by Hollyhock Educational Retreat Centre and printed by Hemlock Printers was honoured this year, winning the bronze award for Most Environmentally Progressive Printing...
Mar 11th, 2010
After being the warmest city to ever host the Winter Olympics, Vancouver gets snow in March.
Feb 19th, 2010
The stage of Performance Works at Granville Island was transformed last night as musicians and authors came together to present Spoken World, a literature event presented by the Vancouver...
Feb 19th, 2010
Canadian Olympian Patrick Chan weighs in on the future of figure skating and his first Olympic experience.
Feb 18th, 2010
It was the second day of filming for the Colbert Report in Vancouver for the Winter Olympics. Stephen Colbert whipped through interviews with Ujjal Dosanjh, US freestyle ariael skiers, Ryan St. Onge
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