Krystle Alarcon

Krystle Alarcon is an award-winning, multimedia reporter based in Whitehorse, Yukon. She was nominated for two awards by the Canadian Association of Journalists last year, for her investigative pieces on a prostitute trying to exit the industry in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside and the abuse of temporary foreign workers in Canada. She won an award for the latter. Fluent in French and Tagalog, she enjoys reporting on social justice issues and increasing the representation of minorities in media. She loves cooking, playing with dogs with squashed noses, and trying to spike a volleyball. You can follow her on Twitter @krystlealarconkrystlealarcon.comSoundcloud and Vimeo.

Filipino typhoon victims still suffer a year later: ask Canadians to help reduce climate change

In the wake of Pope Francis' visit to the Philippines last week, we take a hard look at the Filipinos who still struggle with the aftermath of super typhoon Haiyan.

Critics accuse Enbridge ads of misleading public after poll shows more support for pipeline

After a poll found that support for Enbridge increased by seven per cent in BC, critics say the company's ads misled the public.

Deadly Sinopec pipeline blast in China raises questions in BC

After a pipeline exploded in China, Kitimat residents in BC expressed anxiety as the company that owns the pipeline might have a stake in a local LNG project.

BC Indigenous women put fear aside and become powerful leaders in fight for equality

As Idle No More's first year anniversary approaches on Dec.10, Indigenous women in BC are making dents towards equality for Aboriginal people, youth, and women.

Harper government under fire for spying on environmental groups

Green leaders and members of Parliament react to FOIs obtained by the Vancouver Observer that revealed the National Energy Board was coordinating spying efforts on environmental groups.

Government’s greenhouse emissions regulations ‘shameful’, observers say, but Environment Canada disagrees

Canada is once again pinned for being near the bottom of the list in tackling greenhouse gas emissions as UN delegates entered into its second week of the Climate Change Conference in Warsaw, Poland...

Typhoon Haiyan brings flood of emotion as Filipinos confront class issues and climate change

A flood of emotions inundated Filipino Canadians as they watched relatives’ houses being ravaged by the super typhoon Haiyan last week, which has affected an estimated 11 million...

Thousands protest Enbridge in Vancouver: video

BC MP Nathan Cullen was eloquent and inspired, as he spoke of the Harper government bullying "my people."

Some Filipinos blame politics and industry for monster typhoon

As the world turns its eyes on the Philippines after the worst recorded typhoon in history ravaged through the country, Filipinos are pointing fingers at the Harper government for creating the...

Typhoon Haiyan rips off roofs in the Philippines

Filipinos braced themselves for yet another natural catastrophe that will ravage the country until Saturday. Super storm Haiyan, or Yolanda, as it is called in the Philippines, lashed through the...