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Kari Chellouf

As a little girl, Kari Chellouf was entranced by watching her mum bake breads, cakes, pies, and cookies from scratch. Eventually, she grew up and went to culinary school so that she could learn in kitchens while inventing recipes that could be passed along. Her cooking style often features comfort foods that have been reworked with healthier ingredients or substitutions for allergies.

Genuine love and appreciation for beautiful ingredients, and the opportunity to share them with good company is what fuels Kari's motivation. She sleeps next to a stack of cookbooks, is a ravenous dessert fiend, and loves to test out new recipes on her coworkers when they are hung-over on weekend mornings.

Kari is a graduate of Northwest Culinary Academy. More of her recipes and musings can be found on her food blog, I Heart Big Flavour!


Mar 12th, 2011
Today's delectable chocolate truffle recipe made its debut at a vegan bake sale for the SPCA.
Feb 25th, 2011
If you're shivering in your boots, give this easy braise a try.
Feb 4th, 2011
If you're over the winter blahs and want to get fired up for a healthy year, try this spicy adaptation of Mexican chilaquiles.
Jan 11th, 2011
In need of a high-energy breakfast that will keep you motoring along until lunch? Try this sweet and savoury cobbler!
Dec 27th, 2010
Letting this recipe bubble away on the stove will warm your kitchen and make it smell like grandma's house. It's time for some holiday nostalgia.
Dec 22nd, 2010
Does gift shopping for food-lovers make you want to climb into a pressure-cooker? Relax, grab a mug of hot chocolate, and click here.
Dec 18th, 2010
Here's something to get excited about sharing: Chocolate truffles that are vegan-friendly and lactose-free!
Nov 25th, 2010
If you're looking for something rich and creamy or satisfyingly crunchy to heat things up this season, look no further! Kari's take on this classic Italian dish will leave you swooning for...
Nov 18th, 2010
A simple dish with a hint of warmth that is bound to perk up nasty winter days.
Nov 12th, 2010
Perfect for spice cabinet newbies, Kari's ten-minute recipe will save you from imminent hunger. Just don't serve this to anyone who cooks authentic Indian food.
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