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Joshua Hergesheimer

Joshua Hergesheimer is a freelance journalist who takes a multimedia approach, using photos, audio, video and text to tell stories, ask questions and make comments. He lives in Cedar Cottage, East Vancouver, with his wife Holly and their twin girls Abigail and Beatrice, in an old house. You can see his work here.


Sep 27th, 2011
Protesters attempted to block the front doors of the Vancouver Club earlier this evening, in an effort to prevent people from attending a book club-sponsored presentation by former U.S. government...
Aug 9th, 2011
What is happening on the streets looks more like a ‘Revenge of the Council Estates’ zombie flick than a Public Enemy inspired ‘Fight the Power’ protest.
May 25th, 2011
Supporters of the Vancouver Canucks hockey team flood Granville Street after the Canucks won a double-overtime victory over the San Jose Sharks. The last time the Canucks advanced to the final round...
May 16th, 2011
Every spring, the singing of songbirds is interrupted by the rumble reverberating out of the exhaust system of loud motorcycles. So I decided to host an open forum to ask: just how loud is too loud?
Apr 20th, 2011
It's time for Vancouver to revive its Games spirit and get its street party on.
Jan 28th, 2011
If I took up fire twirling you wouldn't want me near your children. So can't you keep your dogs out of the dog-free area?
Feb 13th, 2009
The police investigation into the leaked Vancouver City Council documents on the $100 million loan for the Olympic athletes village condo development is unlikely to find the person responsible, a Non...
Nov 27th, 2008
Defeated NPA councilor Peter Ladner may be cleaning out his desk and leaving city politics soon, but it seems he couldn’t depart without leaving a legacy behind – a motion Vision councilor Tim...
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