Jenny Uechi

Jenny Uechi is Managing Director of Observer Media Group, and Managing Editor of The Vancouver Observer.

Ex-BC Lottery CEO in conflict of interest by taking private gaming-related job, Vancouver Not Vegas charges

“It’s a gross violation of ethics and integrity by a senior executive at the top level in a Crown corporation.”

BBC tells reporters to stop giving air time to climate change deniers

Not long after comedian John Oliver's famous skit about climate change and Bill Nye, the BBC instructs reporters to stop creating "false balance" on coverage of the issue.

Anti-environmental activists protest green policies by 'rolling coal'

Many of the coal-rolling activists expressed a dislike for U.S. President Barack Obama and his climate change policies.

Kinder Morgan's $136 million pipeline 'war chest' to be paid by Canadians

"The decision to enable this unfair advantage is unprecedented. The approach has been rejected out of hand by US regulators."

Vancouver gives classy response to London's anti-homeless spikes

Vancouver's innovative bench-shelters invite the homeless to take refuge, rather than driving them away.

Scientists call for oil sands development moratorium

In the prestigious science journal, the authors state that anything less than a moratorium on the Canadian oil sands indicates "failed leadership."

Citizenship bill reveals flaws in Canada's democratic process: critic

"If this is indicative of how they make decisions, that makes Northern Gateway and everything else suspect."

BC government ad campaign against teachers' demands backfires on social media

Earlier this week, the province put out full-page, front page ad in 24Hrs and tweeted an infographic saying "teachers deserve a fair wage but it needs to be affordable."  The infographic drew...

Four arrested at "No Enbridge" protest at Conservative MP's office

“I'd never even been to a protest until Northern Gateway came along and I began to learn about climate change,” said a mother and retired businesswoman arrested at the protest.

In their own words: demonstrators speak out against Harper's Enbridge pipeline decision

"Here, you see older people, people in suits, people from all walks of life. I think there's enough dissent in BC to stop this."