Janel Johnson

Janel Johnson manages advertising sales at the Vancouver Observer when she isn't writing features on the city.

City Council votes unanimously to shift city to 100% renewable energy by 2050

City Council made history by voting to support a shift to 100 per cent renewable energy sources, becoming the first city in Canada to take this step.  In the motion, which passed unanimously,...

Cars are so yesterday for young people.

Young people don't need cars: they need better transit.

Getting to 'YES' in the Metro Vancouver Plebiscite

At Waterfront Station Friday morning, Andrea Domagas and her team were on the front lines of the transit plebiscite, asking transit takers to pledge their 'YES' vote in the Metro Vancouver...
Vikram Vij likes the 99 B-Line

See why Vancouver’s Dragon is voting Yes to transit

Transit plebiscite: Vikram Vij's perspective. Star chef says new taxes can be a "pinch" for small business, but this one is worth it.

New poll results show support dropping for Bill C-51

Support for the "secret police bill" Bill C-51 has plummeted sharply among Canadians, according to a new public opinion poll released this week. Among citizens aware of the...

Transit plebiscite: David Suzuki's perspective

Tackling the environmental impacts of voting 'YES' or 'NO' in the coming transit plebiscite are: Broadcaster Bill Good, Dr. David Suzuki and Peter Robinson, CEO of The David Suzuki Foundation.

Transit plebiscite: YWCA CEO's perspective

YWCA's Janet Austin hopes Metro Vancouver residents will say "YES!" in the transit plebiscite.
Gregor Robertson, Bill Good, Adrienne Carr, George Affleck

Robertson: transit vote most important of our time

One caller, Brenda, asked "what are the implications of a 'NO' vote?" "It’ll cost more to get around," replied Mayor Gregor Robertson. "There's no plan B," he continued, noting that if Metro...
Metro Vancouver Transportation and transit plebiscite

Guide to Metro Vancouver's transportation and transit plebiscite

Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson rides the bus and is in favour of voting "YES!" for increased spending on transit.

Canadian military couple fights for adopted child's right to citizenship

Not Canadian enough? Sarah Currie and her husband Mike are an Ottawa-based couple looking forward to bringing a child in their lives: 23-month-old Smith, a boy currently living in a Haitian orphanage...