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Ian Reid

Ian Reid has worked in the political world, for progressive change, at the municipal, provincial, federal and international level for over 30 years.  He is not the Conservative Party fundraiser of the same name but is a New Democrat activist, currently recovering from a serious illness.


Jul 15th, 2013
A few nights ago I got up to have a bowel movement, a thing of great emotion these days; joy when it all goes well; deep, deep despair when all that my colon brings to the table is a series of...
Jun 5th, 2012
Frank Hilliard - the new Vancouver Sun op-ed writer - isn't just any climate change denier conspiracy theorist. He's a racist far-right climate change denying conspiracy theorist.
Mar 11th, 2012
I hate leadership contests.   And I really hate this one because it reminds me over and over again of the painful events of last summer.  It reminds me of Jack’s bittersweet victory....
Feb 23rd, 2012
Information obtained through a new FOI makes it clear that the BC Pavillion Corporation (PavCo) was planning to relocate Edgewater Casino to the BC Place redevelopment up to a year before issuing a...
Feb 16th, 2012
Yesterday’s question period topic was the sad state of BC’s justice System after 11 years of BC Liberal cuts. Opposition Leader Adrian Dix led off with a question about a stay of charges...
Jan 10th, 2012
China’s on an oil buying binge.  And Canada is where China likes to shop.  Since 2002 China, through four state owned oil companies, has spent over $65 billion dollars to purchase oil and...
Jan 8th, 2012
 A year ago Enbridge CEO Pat Daniel announced a new foreign partner for its Northern Gateway Pipeline project. Daniels told a meeting in Whistler, BC that Sinopec, China’s second largest oil...
Nov 29th, 2011
Polling is one of our great democratic tools -- unless it's used to confuse and mislead voters.
Nov 21st, 2011
So it is over. And the result was predictable. Predictable, that is, if you don’t pay attention to the media’s predilection to focus on the small beer like the “Occupy Crisis”.  Polls over the...
Nov 18th, 2011
Who needs Fox News North when we already have the Vancouver Sun and its civic ‘reporter’ Jeff Lee, author of "Robertson continues his quest for a Utopian society".
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