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Hayden Case


Jul 18th, 2012
Canadian film director Guy Maddin spoke to The Vancouver Observer about some of his cinematic influences, the Keyhole cast, and more before the DVD/Blu-Ray release of his latest film...
Jul 18th, 2012
An interview with Canadian filmmaker Guy Maddin about his latest film, his cinematic influences and his creative process.
Jul 18th, 2012
Independent film looking at Vancouver Whitecaps captain finds success after initial struggle for funding.
May 13th, 2012
Woody Harrelson descends into hell in Rampart.
Apr 2nd, 2012
Vancouver Whitecaps captain Jay DeMerit talks to the Vancouver Observer about the team, the fans, and his hopes for the 2012 MLS season.
Mar 29th, 2012
Vancouver Whitecaps captain Jay DeMerit is the subject of a new documentary looking at his remarkable journey from nowhere to the top of his sporting profession.
Mar 26th, 2012
Chow Yun Fat plays the leading role in this sweeping eastern epic looking at the life of ancient Chinese Philosopher, Confucius. The film follows Confucius as an old man looking back on the last...
Mar 24th, 2012
Rise & Shine: The Jay DeMerit Story is a documentary film that looks at how the present Vancouver Whitecaps captain, Jay DeMerit, found his place in soccer.  Jay took time out from his busy...
Mar 16th, 2012
Gary Oldman stars in a new and compelling adaptation of John Le Carre’s classic cold war thriller.
Mar 11th, 2012
Lars Von Trier's latest film sees Kirsten Dunst colliding with marriage at the end of the world.
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