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Hadani Ditmars

Hadani Ditmars, author of Dancing in the No Fly Zone: a Woman's Journey Through Iraq, has been reporting from the Middle East for two decades. She wrote for the post-Oslo accord Jerusalem based joint Israeli/Palestinian magazine called the New Middle East and is researching a new book on green issues in the region. She is currently assisting with fund raising and academic exchange programs for the botanical garden in Jericho.

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Oct 15th, 2011
Today’s Occupy Vancouver protest was as much theatrical spectacle as political statement. There was the crowd of meditators who sat silently, eyes closed, through most of the all day rally in...
Oct 13th, 2011
Min Reyes, a 20-something student and one of the organizers of Saturday’s Occupy Vancouver protest, was glued to her television as thousands of citizens came out to protest on Wall Street. “I knew...
Sep 29th, 2011
Just over 100 people gathered last night to hear veteran Israeli journalist Amira Hass speak at UBC’s Webb Theatre. Hass is the only Israeli journalist who has lived in Gaza (where she was based...
Sep 26th, 2011
As Mahmoud Abbas returns to a hero’s welcome in Ramallah, after his impassioned speech at the UN calling for its recognition of the Palestinian state, hopes are high for a “Palestinian spring.”...
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