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Emily Barca

Emily Barca is a former associate editor at VO. She has a degree in sociology, anthropology and French from McGill University. After living in Vancouver for fifteen years, Emily has returned to live and work in London, England. She loves tea but can't stand taking the tube.



Jul 28th, 2012
For the first time in history, women will be allowed to compete in Olympic boxing. With the games under way, Canada's Mary Spencer is “looking forward to fighting.”
Jul 23rd, 2012
As the train lumbered into the station, I could feel a collective groan down the platform. Kings Cross Underground Station - 6:28 p.m. on a Monday. Rush hour. Summer had finally come to...
Jun 3rd, 2012
On her diamond jubilee, will Canadian expatriates in London be toasting the queen, or are they not bothered by the whole affair?
Oct 21st, 2011
Halloween, like other major holidays, separates people into two categories. As October 31 approaches, some are busy adding the final flourishes to painstakingly crafted costumes, anxiously waiting...
Aug 10th, 2011
Read the reaction of co-workers at an office in North London, as reported by a former VO editor, as they receive word that looters are on their way.
Apr 19th, 2011
While Vancouverites were trying to make sense of the problems surrounding the Olympic Village right before the 2008 civic election, the development proposal for a super-sized casino next to B.C....
Feb 16th, 2011
In the shadowy underworld of organized crime, casinos are an ideal place to turn dirty money into legitimate cash, according to a spokesperson from FINTRAC, the federal agency that monitors cases of...
Feb 16th, 2011
"Studies have shown that organized crime will try to infiltrate casinos in many different ways, whenever they’re expanding," Sgt. Randy Morstensen said.
Feb 16th, 2011
In March 2009, the BC Pavillion Corporation (PavCo) sent out a call for proposals to develop the land west of BC Place. Sixteen weeks later, PavCo selected a proposal from the Nevada-based Paragon...
Feb 8th, 2011
Myth: Today is my lucky day; I know I'm going to win. Fact: There is no magic in gambling. No thought or feeling that you may have will help determine whether you win or not. It's Saturday night at...
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