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Edward Ngai

Edward Ngai is a Vancouverite studying at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California.


Apr 22nd, 2011
After a Game 5 walloping, the Canucks’ swag has disappeared, leaving behind a city whose mood is unrecognizable from the jubilation we knew not so long ago.
Apr 11th, 2011
Vancouverites are hoping this year’s dominant Canucks will prove that the third time is, indeed, lucky.
Mar 14th, 2011
Take a look at past Harper campaign ads and judge for yourself how our Prime Minister is doing.
Feb 23rd, 2011
Papers are strewn over desks, drinks and candy dumped into corners, and a conglomeration of dates and places are scrawled on the lone board on the wall. In a poorly-lit corner sits a young man in a T...
Feb 16th, 2011
Climate change may be getting all the press, but other pressing matters remain at hand.
Feb 1st, 2011
MTV’s controversial remake of the hit UK series is less dangerous than didactic.
Jan 23rd, 2011
Does it take the loss of the NHL’s brightest star to make progress in hockey’s constant concussion battle?
Nov 28th, 2010
We mustn’t paint the Asian community with too broad of a brush. But this Chinese-Canadian knows too many Asians who wouldn’t make attractive undergraduates.
Nov 14th, 2010
Surrey mayor Dianne Watts is gregarious, trusted, and has a track record of turning toxic situations around. She, more than any other politican in B.C., can single-handedly revive the Liberals and giv
Nov 8th, 2010
Former NHL-er Dino Ciccarelli and women's hockey players Cammi Granato and Angela James amongst the names set to join hockey immortality in Toronto.
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