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Douglas Olthof


Mar 15th, 2011
Professor James Busumtwi-sam outlines key issues in global health with reference to the UN's Millennium Development Goals.
Mar 13th, 2011
Over the next 30 years, some 30-40 million Bangladeshis will be displaced due to climate change. Vancouver's Bangladeshi community advocates for an immediate global response.
Mar 10th, 2011
It’s past time to reject the notion of an economically prosperous, technically advanced “North” and a technologically backward, politically naïve and ill-informed “South”
Mar 8th, 2011
Ugandan paramedicals are trained by the Uganda Sustainable Clubfoot Care project to apply an economically and socially feasible treatment to a crippling birth defect. Photo: USCCP
Mar 7th, 2011
Regional maps depicting some of the places Vancouver diasporas identify with. Photo: Franciska Hidayat
Mar 1st, 2011
On January 19, 2011, members of Vancouver's diaspora and development communities came together to exchange stories and ideas.
Jan 21st, 2011
"My goal is to help all the kids who cannot afford school uniforms to be dressed up and go to school," writes Miriam Egwalu in the story that follows.
Jan 16th, 2011
Members of the diaspora in Vancouver are shaping development projects - from the medical to the educational.
Jan 11th, 2011
Members of the diaspora engage their communities, here in Vancouver and around the world, to facilitate change in their places of origin in a variety of ways.
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