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Daniel D. Veniez

Dan Veniez is a Vancouver businessman, former Liberal Party of Canada candidate, and author of “The only thing I hate about politics is the politics” which will be published next year.


Dec 6th, 2011
Last week, Elmer Derrick, a Hereditary Chief of the Gitxsan Nation, and head negotiator of the Gitxsan Treaty Society, signed an agreement with Enbridge in support of the Northern Gateway. The...
Dec 4th, 2011
"Sad" and "cynical" don't even begin to scratch the surface of it.
Dec 2nd, 2011
So here’s some free advice: Mr. Harper, why don’t you take your majority for a test drive on something really important?
Nov 29th, 2011
   In an unprecedented speech to the Canadian Bar Association last week, Mr. Justice Robert Bauman, Chief Justice of the British Columbia Supreme Court, sounded the alarm on the declining...
Nov 26th, 2011
Politicians on all sides of the spectrum may take exception to a publicly-funded institution that takes swipes at duly elected representatives. To that, my answer is tough beans.
Nov 18th, 2011
Vancouver municipal election 2011
May 10th, 2011
In the aftermath of the federal election last week, many are asking what Stephen Harper will do when he takes his long awaited and much-craved majority for a test drive. He has an opportunity to...
Mar 26th, 2011
DECISION 2011: May 2 will spell an end to a cynical, divisive government.
Mar 21st, 2011
The contortions by John Weston, Conservative MP for West Vancouver-Sunshine Coast-Sea to Sky Country, and the entire Harper government, on the question of the unprecedented delay in initialing the...
Mar 16th, 2011
We lost a great public servant, a strong patriot, and an extraordinary human being this weekend.
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