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Christabel Shaler


Christabel began writing for the Vancouver Observer after she took a writing workshop with Linda Solomon in February 2009. The @EthicalHustle is a series of stories about creative solutions to personal, social and economic struggle. For more information, please visit: 



Dec 4th, 2013
Although our city is one of the youngest urban centres on our continent, we have some incredible pieces of multi-generational history. As the oldest family-run theatre in North America, an evening at...
Sep 23rd, 2013
In the world of end-of-life care in Vancouver BC, an interesting intersection exists between bureaucratic policies and New Age gurus selling answers to life’s heartaches. Sue Hurd and Sue Wong have...
Sep 4th, 2013
On August 28th, news reporters in British Columbia distributed the disturbing story of an elderly man who died after falling in his home. The man who fell was discovered by a concerned caretaker, who...
Mar 28th, 2013
Lisa Gibson and Darcy Riddell understand that women working for change can be at risk of being over-extended and burnt out. This depletion can occur from working long hours while juggling motherhood...
Mar 6th, 2013
“Now make sure that the tea isn’t anemic,” said Graeme as she plated fresh cookies from the bakery down the street. She looked elegant in a cool turquoise colour that matched the rest of her outfit...
Nov 28th, 2012
When someone you love is suffering, it is easy to feel worn down, angry and defeated. As you confront the daunting walls of medical bureaucracy, it may seem impossible to go on.  Remember that...
Nov 13th, 2012
Dorothy sits across from me at Calhoun’s on West Broadway in Vancouver, BC. Her eyes are bright and relentlessly honest. Although slight creases in her face suggest her age, she seems light. Her...
Oct 17th, 2012
When I discovered Tyze in 2011, I was able to shift out of an isolated reality of caregiving and build a network of support that functioned as a lifeline.
Oct 3rd, 2012
When my dying mother was sent home from the hospital, I was enlisted as a nurse without training.
Mar 8th, 2012
Local Vancouver corporate gifts are creating employment for Women on Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.
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