Chashma Heinze

Chashma Heinze is currently completing a diploma in Sustainable Community Development at Simon Fraser with a concentration on city Food Policy.  Her previous education includes a BA, as well as industrial design and culinary studies in Europe.  She is interested in all things food: her food play is known for a pinch of the absurd, a dash of local and a dose of tasty ingenuity designed to leave your belly and intellect hungry for more."

Summer in Provence: stories from a wandering chef

The people I work for are generally the rich and not so famous. Gardeners, pool men, nannies, Range Rovers and myself as chef are all commonplace accessories, and a yacht or two often completes the...

Gone to the dogs: street food in Vancouver

Blindfold me, feed me a hotdog and I can probably tell you where I am. Dogs are long with soft buns, tangy remoulade and toasted onions topped with thinly sliced, brined pickles?  Location...