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Amy Huva

Amy Huva is an environmental chemist and writer from Melbourne, Australia who worked for the Australian Federal Government on agricultural water reform and the Montreal Protocol. She is currently working in the environmental sector in Vancouver, Canada.



Apr 4th, 2014
There's only so much end of the world you can take. Here's what you can do about it.
Mar 13th, 2014
If someone had told me how hard learning another language was I wouldn't have tried.
Mar 5th, 2014
Saying the climate movement is a failure and we should give up is not an option.
Feb 20th, 2014
People gathered for a night to celebrate excellence in aquatic research at the Vancouver Aquarium.
Jan 26th, 2014
If fossil fuels were not propped up with government handouts and subsidies they would not be able to compete.
Jan 13th, 2014
Something we should be thinking about for a Fiscally Responsible 2014 is our Carbon Budget.
Dec 17th, 2013
Social change has never come about by sitting down nicely and asking the people with the power to share more, please.
Dec 7th, 2013
Cities are already awesome, and they're only going to get better when we stop burning carbon.
Nov 22nd, 2013
Humpback whales have a level of organisation for getting their dinner that goes beyond what you would imagine.
Nov 13th, 2013
The UN is an incremental bureaucracy. This is exactly why the UN climate talks as they are now are doomed to fail.
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