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Alex Sangha

Alex Sangha is many things to many people including being called an activist, author, writer, student, social worker, and public speaker.  This basically means he is in need of a real job so if you require some real manpower just hollar!  Alex is big on academia and loves learning.  He has an MSc in Public Administration and Public Policy from the London School of Economics, and a BSW from UBC.  


He has worked as a social worker and youth counsellor but his strengths are in the area of advocacy and human rights. He is the founder of  MINDSET (Mental Health Education, Awareness, and Support) and SHER VANCOUVER (LGBT South Asians and Friends). Recently, he started Q-KARMA which is a networking group for queer non-profits and their supporters.  You can connect with all three groups on Facebook.

Alex was profiled in the Georgia Straight Best of Vancouver issue in 2008 as a “bright light” and was voted by the public as one of the winners of the Royal Bank Top 25 Canadian Immigrant Awards of 2011.

He is currently working as an online and in-person therapist in North Delta.  For futher information check out or email


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