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Mulch your vegetable garden this summer: Tips for urban gardeners
Jul 26th, 2015
Mulch is one of our most powerful tools to save water during Vancouver's tight watering restrictions.
Soaker hoses are very convenient, but under Vancouver’s current stage 3 watering
Jul 20th, 2015
With unprecedented watering restrictions in effect, figuring out how much is enough can be challenging when it comes to growing food.
Jun 30th, 2015
Whether in a single-serving bowl or a week's worth in a box, Chef Andrea Carlson connects communities through garden-fresh food.
Crowds wave the red-and-white at a Canada Day parade in downtown Vancouver.
Jun 29th, 2015
Nurturing nationalism: Free concerts, pick-up street hockey, a public-participatory parade and fireworks are all part of the package.
Sprinkler in an urban vegetable garden
Jun 28th, 2015
Gardening gives us a front-row seat to changes in climate and weather. With this summer’s high temperatures, we need to keep our plants irrigated and also avoid wasting water. Here's how.
Starting our winter vegetable seeds.
Jun 23rd, 2015
By growing food year-round — not just in the spring and summer — we can significantly increase our food resiliency. The catch is that we need to start our winter gardens at the height of summer.
Urban gardener Rebecca Cuttler and her bumper crop of vegetables
Jun 16th, 2015
Rebecca Cuttler commutes to her food-giving plot and shares the wealth of local gardening info in her new weekly column, Abundant City.
Uproot, art, Come Toast the Coast, Jericho Beach. Photo by Jessica Wilson
Jun 9th, 2015
A giant salmon lantern made of found and waste materials is the lead-off to an evening of art, live music and information at Come Toast the Coast.
central city foundation, Downtown Eastside, DTES Neighbourhood Council,
May 31st, 2015
Downtown Eastside neighbours got together at Victory Square for an afternoon of music, food, art, and information.
May 29th, 2015
More than 350 performers will hit the local clubs, classrooms and indoor/outdoor stages in the next 10 days with a lot of #BhangraLove. The Festival Kickoff presented by Denny’s Restaurant is taking...