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Jul 25th, 2016
The Jim Deva Plaza is dedicated to the co-founder of Little Sister's Books and free speech and gay rights activist.
Jul 21st, 2016
The show starts at 10 p.m. on Saturday, July 23.
Jul 7th, 2016
More than half of the people who rent out their homes do so to afford their cost of living.
Jun 15th, 2016
When Hidekazu Tojo began preparing sushi at a modest Japanese restaurant in Vancouver 45 years ago, customers were squeamish about eating raw fish wrapped in seaweed. So the 21−year−old...
Jun 13th, 2016
A Vancouver-born biomedical researcher who is a pioneer in experimental medicine with an established track record as a senior leader at U.S. universities, has become the 15th President and Vice...
May 6th, 2016
The City of Vancouver and BC Hydro, along with the Province of British Columbia, Natural Resources Canada and BMW, announced the official launch of the Empire Fields DC fast charge station for...
Lions Gate Bridge
Mar 22nd, 2016
VANCOUVER — An annual traffic survey reveals Vancouver remains Canada's most congested city, followed by Toronto and Montreal, but the study shows all three are inching toward improvement. The 2016...
The Creek housing for families
Mar 15th, 2016
This morning the City officially broke ground on a development with 135 units of affordable housing geared towards families, to be constructed on the 6.4 acre Southeast False Creek site being...
Mar 3rd, 2016
Following a four month international search, Vancouver City Council has selected Sadhu Johnston as the new City Manager for the City of Vancouver. As the administrative head of the City, the...