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Oct 8th, 2015
Later this month, SFU Public Square is launching its fourth large-scale community summit aimed at provoking thought and action around the challenges and opportunities of cities.  The We the...
Oct 6th, 2015
Lori Shenher’s book about the botched investigation of the murdered women from Vancouver’s downtown eastside elicits emotional responses from panelists.
September is the time to do a fall garden cleanup.
Sep 20th, 2015
September is the time to do a fall garden cleanup. By clearing space, we’ll prevent disease and be able to make room for the last of the season’s plantings, like garlic and broad beans.
Learn to save tomato seeds for next year’s garden.
Sep 7th, 2015
Did you grow great tomatoes this year? Find an extra-tasty variety at the farmer’s market? Learn to save the seeds for next year’s garden.
Still from 'Building a Dream' documentary. Photo courtesy Wooden Boat Festival
Aug 27th, 2015
He builds a boat by hand from an old salvaged log. She pursues a passion for painting. Filmmaker Francois Laliberte captures a moment in the life of this inspiring and energetic Denman Island...
Compass card reader. Translink photo
Aug 6th, 2015
The fare deal may also be a smart public relations move following the failure of the recent transit referendum that was marked by anti-TransLink public sentiment.
The twin viaducts. Google Earth image
Aug 4th, 2015
A city report pushes for at-grade roadways, provision for affordable rental and rental housing, and major expansion of parks, pedestrian and bicycle routes.
Justin Trudeau waves at the crowd at the Pride Parade. Photo by Valentina Ruiz
Aug 3rd, 2015
Justin Trudeau and Elizabeth May: The two candidates who joined the 37th Annual Vancouver Pride Parade.
Mulch your vegetable garden this summer: Tips for urban gardeners
Jul 26th, 2015
Mulch is one of our most powerful tools to save water during Vancouver's tight watering restrictions.
Soaker hoses are very convenient, but under Vancouver’s current stage 3 watering
Jul 20th, 2015
With unprecedented watering restrictions in effect, figuring out how much is enough can be challenging when it comes to growing food.