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Look for Michael Bublé, Steve Nash, Ryan Reynolds, Kim Cattrall, Neil Young and other Canadian celebs at Canucks game tonight

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Which bigwigs and megastars are most likely to show up for tonight's faceoff between the Canucks and the San Jose sharks? Hmmm...let's fantasize.

1. Michael Bublé is an obsessive Canucks fan so we expect him to have one of the more expensive boxes with champagne ready to crack, in case there's a win tonight.

2. Kim Cattrall has been spotted cheering on the Canucks before. We can expect to see her tonight dressed to kill sharks.

3. Cory Monteith should be in the crowd looking gleeful.

4. Steve Nash will assist Henrik Sedin who will assist everyone else.

5. Rob Baker will most likely be in the crowd, hipper than thou.

6. Ryan Reynolds, looking green and illuminated.

7. Pamela Anderson, rooting for the underdog.

8. Brent Butt...but what can we say? 

9. Neil Young, arriving on his crazy horse.

Cory Monteith

Kim Cattrall, Photo sourced from

Steve Nash, Photo sourced from


Ryan Reynolds      

Pamela Anderson                        

Brent Butt

Time will tell...