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Clear rules required to separate corporate interests from our public school boards

Companies that sell education tech products to school boards have good reason to participate in organizations that give them access to top school district officials.

Is it time for conflict of interest rules for B.C.'s school superintendents?

Is it time for rules about whether top school officials can receive free trips funded by corporations that sell products or services to their school boards?

Millennials drive Vancouver’s transportation revolution

Get in on the revolution – exclusively for Observer readers join Evo Car Share now for Free and get 30 free minutes.

Why Surrey shouldn’t hold its breath on B.C. Liberals' $217 million school funding promise

Will government keeps its funding promise for new Surrey schools? Let's see what happened with their 2013 promises.

Would you send your child to a school built on top of an underground electrical substation?

BC Hydro President and CEO Jessica McDonald calls a proposal to build electrical substations under a school and a park a "Triple Word Score." But it is a good deal for downtown families?

Don’t be fooled by the announcements — the “additional” teachers being hired should have been there all along

After 15 years of cuts, teacher positions are starting to be restored in response to the BCTF's win in the Supreme Court of Canada.