Wanting Qu knocks it out of the ball park for Vancouver: city sees record number of tourists in 2014

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The city saw the highest visitation numbers in its history with nearly 8.94 million over night stays.

Vancouver Sex Workers Gather to Mourn Violence and Build Solidarity on Dec. 17

This annual event comes just 11 days after Canada’s new prostitution law, the misnamed Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act, came into force.

Vancouver Observer's historic new home

From our new office, we find inspiration everywhere we look. The Dominion Building ushered in Vancouver's skyscraper age, and it's probably not as haunted as some may think.

Miniature horse trots along sidewalk in East Vancouver [VIDEO]

Drivers and pedestrians along Kingsway may have done a double-take today when they spotted a horse trotting along the sidewalk through Cedar Cottage today - a true 'neigh'-bourhood event.

Calling public space designers: Create a summer stunner

VIVA Vancouver’s Robson Redux design-build competition returns.

'Tis the season for friends, family and fraudsters

Seven simple strategies from Vancity to avoid holiday scammers

Star Wars: Reveal of the Jedi A Burlesque Re-Imagining

Geekenders completes their epic burlesque adventure trilogy with a Vegas-style spectacular that combines striptease, comedy, dance, and an abiding love for geeky classics.