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Calgary Speaking

Conservatives have a lock on Calgary ... for now

Evan Hu
Apr 27th, 2011

I voted in the advanced polls this past Easter weekend, as I will be in Toronto on the day of our upcoming general election. The polls were open Friday, Saturday and Monday from noon to 8 p.m. at a church a few blocks from my home. With convenient dates and times publicized by mailout card, newspaper advertisement and website postings, good access by foot, public transit or car, what could be easier?

As I waited in line to be validated and to receive my ballot, I overheard a conversation among several women waiting for a yoga class that was held in the same church. They were talking about whether they were going to vote. Quickly, the conclusion was that they were not going to bother, as they had left their purses with personal identification locked in their cars, and why bother, after all, Calgary was a Conservative lock. 

We get the government we deserve

Evan Hu
Apr 14th, 2011

Recently the wife of a friend of mine successfully wrote her Canadian citizenship test and soon will become a Canadian citizen.  Her writing of the test happened to coincide with the release of a new, revised Discover Canada study guide for the citizenship test by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. The release got the barest of notice in the media except for a momentary blip due to the Justin Trudeau political correctness flap over the use of the term "barbaric" in reference to the honour killings in the guide. Regardless, the two events in tandem piqued my curiosity. 

Being born in Canada and thus having my citizenship automatically conferred to me, I had only the vaguest understanding of what questions might be in the citizenship test. I got on-line and after a brief search downloaded the newest edition of the Discover Canada study guide.  As I thumbed through the guide, I was pleasantly surprised. It was a reasonable, easy to read and digest summation of all things Canadian in 68 pages; our rights and responsibilities, history, geography, economy and institutions.

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