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Women Moving Money

Santa is a woman. And she's wired.

Christina Montgomery
Dec 12th, 2011

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

TORONTO -- Santa is a woman.

At least that's what BMO's 2011 Holiday Spending Outlook indicates.

BMO says that 80 per cent of households polled said the female head of family will do the majority of holiday shopping. And this year, more and more will do it online.

BMO's annual survey revealed a substantial increase in the number of women using the Internet to shop for gifts.

The figure jumped to 43 per cent from 34 per cent last year. At 49 per cent men are still somewhat more inclined than women to shop online -- but the gap is narrowing.

The survey polled 1508 Canadians and is considered accurate within plus or minus 2.5 per cent 19 times out of 20.

"There are a number of factors behind the increase in online shopping among Canadian women,'' said Su McVey, vice president of BMO Bank of Montreal.

Building on a board's brand

Christina Montgomery
Nov 28th, 2011

How do you go from spilling soup on Liberace to running a chain of luxury spas? And then go on to be named chair of the Vancouver Board of Trade?

It's not as indirect a climb as you'd think, as a new profile of Wendy Lisogar-Cocchia in the November issue of BC Business points out.

Beyond her own business background, though, some of the more interesting insights in the article come when Lisogar-Cocchia talks about lcoal business and what can be done to weather the troubled economic times ahead.

Local Lunapads experiences period of growth after o.b. tampon shortage

Shan Goh
Feb 3rd, 2011

Lunapads partners, Suzanne Siemens (left) and Madeleine Shaw

O.b. tampons have been slowly disappearing from the shelves of local stores in Vancouver since last November. And although manufacturer Johnson & Johnson promised that they would be back in the stores weeks ago, new stock hasn't arrived. As a result, Vancouver-based Lunapads has seen a growth in sales of 40 percent, owner Madeleine Shaw said, adding that orders have been pouring in for "The DivaCup", a reusable silicone menstrual cup.

"Seriously, what kind of bull**** is this??," a woman commented on o.b. tampons' Facebook page. "This is not the product to cut corners on or discontinue. What are you thinking, Johnson & Johnson??" 

Indeed, o.b. tampons have an impressive cult following in North America. Women say they like them because they are small and compact and do not require an applicator.

Follow Oprah and take hold of your financial future

Petra Remy
Dec 13th, 2010

What do you have in common with Madonna, Martha Stewart and Oprah?  While you may not be famous like these women, studies show that both you and Oprah are managing your own financial well-being. This is encouraging news as the 10thTD Investment Poll  found that only 5% of our mothers told us to be financially independent.  If they did, they, like my mother, told me to save, do not spend beyond my means and above all, avoid debt.  While those were wise words, the growing trend of women managing their own financial decisions is on the rise. The US study completed by Prudential, shows 95% of women are financial decision makers.  Canadians are not far behind at 92%, when it comes to managing household budgets, according to TD Waterhouse female investor poll

Cori Maedel at Jouta Performance makes big dreams real

Emily Barca
Nov 23rd, 2010

Cori Maedel always knew that one day she would start her own business. The question, in her mind, wasn't if, but when. As the daughter of two entrepreneurs, Maedel had big dreams and big ideas, but before she could launch herself, she realized that she had to stop "playing small" as a woman in the male-dominated world of business.

"Women often don't believe that what they want is possible, or they think they don't deserve it," Maedel said. "I had to get out of my own way."

Today, Maedel runs the Jouta Performance Group, a successful human resources consulting group based out of Yaletown. On the chilly November day that I visited her office, I entered a space that was warm and inviting. The walls were coloured cream with deep red accents; exposed beams and brick added depth. Delicate, zen-inspired ornaments adorned the desks and tables. 

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