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Linda Solomon: Last Year, Next Year

Linda Solomon Wood
Jan 2nd, 2011

Happy New Year, VO-ers!  As we're sweeping up the glitter, let's raise a final glass to the people who create the Vancouver Observer! Amidst the gang violence and political meltdowns of the last year, there's been much to celebrate.  It was an exciting year at VO, as we grew and expanded.  At our launch in October 2009, we started sections (Politics, Culture, City, Olympics, Life, Events, Blogs) and then kept growing (Money, Fashion, World.)  We created a new way for readers to generate material on the site (Localvocal) and we improved our comments sections. We gained more VO bloggers who  covered everything from politics to entertainment to popular culture to the Olympics and we made more original videos and created a platform (VOTV) and I published a book (Why I Love Vancouver).  

Wikileaks deconstructs the world as we've known it

Linda Solomon Wood
Nov 28th, 2010

Wikileaks released another report yesterday.  It reveals a lot about who pulls the strings internationally, (who knew King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia was such a player?), and how they really talk and think.

Uncloaking state secrets in a manner unprecedented up until now, Wikileaks documents shine a light into how states operate and makes it unlikely that diplomats and national leaders will ever feel that they can operate in secret again.

No more backroom deals.  No more presenting one face to the public and another where the decisions happen.  No more lies protected by a cloak of silence.

Altering the world more radically than Facebook, Twitter, and Wikipedia combined, Wikileaks now leads the way in both safeguarding the future and potentially throwing it into peril.

On American Thanksgiving

Linda Solomon Wood
Nov 24th, 2010

Happy [American] Thanksgiving, VO-ers. On the occasion of my birth country's holiday, I'd like to take a moment to name a few things I'm grateful for. I am so grateful to be living in Canada for my ninth year.  And I'm grateful I get to celebrate two Thanksgivings, twice to think of turkey and dressing---and how  thankful I am that Sarah Palin isn't president of the United States.  Not yet,anyway.  I am grateful to be in a warm house with the power working and not wandering the streets on this cold, cold night.   I am thankful to be living in a country that is at peace, in a city that is so beautiful, diverse, culturally rich, and green. And I'm very thankful for our amazing and fast-growing VO team and our passionate, engaged community. I am grateful above all else for my two sons and the way they are growing up so well. What are you grateful for?  Let us know in the comments section.

A Bloggers' Code of Ethics

Linda Solomon Wood
Nov 24th, 2010

Some bloggers recently have been debating what, if any, ethics the Weblog community should follow, says. It's worth thinking about,  particularly if you are interested in getting beyond the average, with your writing online, and really serving the public interest.  Cyberjournalist says:

Since not all bloggers are journalists and the Weblog form is more casual, they argue they shouldn't be expected to follow the same ethics codes journalists are. But responsible bloggers should recognize that they are publishing words publicly, and therefore have certain ethical obligations to their readers, the people they write about, and society in general.

VO selected as recipient for Magazines BC Internship Initiative Fund

Meghan O'Neill
Nov 1st, 2010

VO receives funding for internship opportunities

This month the Vancouver Observer was awarded funding from the new Magazine Association of BC Internship Initiative.  VO is extremely pleased to use this funding to provide opportunities for students and recent grads to experience the world of online media hands-on.

To find out more information on Vancouver Observer internships or to apply, see our Contribute page or download a job description [pdf].


Glenn Beck propaganda spreading to Canada?

Linda Solomon Wood
Oct 16th, 2010

Is the border strong enough to stop him?

For Glenn Beck, spawning lies about the left  is a $32 million business. He's a dark entertainer who knows how to froth up an audience and Fox News pays him a king's ransom to do so.  But for Byron Williams, a mentally unstable man, Beck's right wing rhetoric about the "evils" of two progressive organizations sounded like fact. Later he would tell police he wanted a revolution.  The kind Beck was talking about on his show.  To this end, Williams set out with a car full of weapons and went to shoot  the leaders  of the San Francisco-based Tides Foundation and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU.)  Police stopped him in Oakland for speeding. 

What if they hadn't?

Vancouver Observer launches new section for user generated content

Linda Solomon Wood
Sep 28th, 2010

On Localvocal, you can publish instantly.  Check it out.  Photo from Istock of happy publishing person.

I'm proud to announce VO's launch of a new section for community-generated content. This new section is called Localvocal. 

On these pages, you can publish instantly.

Discuss what's happening in Vancouver, your ideas on how to make the city better.

Give the rundown on a concert, or a  soccer game.  Dish on a celebrity.  Or, detail your day of hiking at Lynn Canyon. Give us words, give us photos, give us videos.

The best posts with be featured in the main VO sections.

Report. Interact. Be heard.

On Localvocal.

Do it now!

Vancouver Observer named finalist in competition for three Canadian Online Publishing Awards

Linda Solomon Wood
Sep 23rd, 2010

Canadian Online Publishing Awards finalists for the 2010 competition were announced today and the Vancouver Observer is a finalist in three categories.  VO is competing against for  "Best article" for our "Lost Canadian" series and "Best Overall Website" online only award.  VO is competing against four publications for "Best Website design," including Toronto 18, owned by The Toronto Star,  Southwest Booster, owned by Transcontinental Media,, owned by  Metroland Media Group, and, owned by Cyberpress.  VO's "Lost Canadian" series is being considered for "Best article."

Among judges were online media directors from New York Magazine and Esquire Magazine.  The same judges will make final selections, which will be announced at an awards ceremony in Toronto in late October.

Photos in smokey evening light

Linda Solomon Wood
Aug 5th, 2010

 Ruth Ozeki in a photograph by Linda Solomon

Smoke from 411 fires in the interior billowed up into Desolation Sound and the inlet in front of the Cove Restaurant on Cortes Island, creating an eerie, beautiful backdrop for photographs. I took advantage of it.





Tyler Stewart of Barenaked Ladies: "Vancouver, you're being observed..."

Linda Solomon Wood
Jul 14th, 2010

Big shout out to Kei Baritugo, Amalia Nickel and Ricky Letovsky for this great piece, coming soon to theatres near you...

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