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The wonder of small things

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About that ebook, "Extract: The Pipeline Wars, Vol. 1 Enbridge", Jenny and I have been working hard with designer Marc Baumgartner on finishing touches.  The ebook will be released soon on Itunes and Amazon.  I'm so proud of the book: powerful, fact-based writing in a beautiful format.

We are all so honoured the Bill McKibben gave an advanced comment on the book.  Review copies are going out next week, and we'll be announcing the date of our launch party which will be later this month.  Stay tuned.

I'm getting back to reporting and writing myself, and it's like waking up from a long sleep.  Look for more opinionated Publisher's Platform posts, as well as in-depth reporting on issues that matter from me. 

On a more personal note,  I've been walking to school with my younger son almost every day (except when it's pouring), and remembering the wonder of small things: the orange maple leaves piled on the sidewalk, the rich green of the grass at Douglas Park, the peacefulness of the streets.  And on the other hand, thinking of people in less fortunate circumstances, Syria, the North American homeless, those who've been victims of violence over the last month.

And that reawakens me to the value of fortunate circumstances.