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How should we remember Ralph Klein?

Nick Fillmore
Apr 3rd, 2013

Condolences and praise poured in for former Alberta Premier Ralph Klein, who passed away on Friday, March 29, at the age of 70.

"We remember what a force of personality he was, how driven he was, how motivated he was, how straightforward he was, and that we trusted him implicitly.” – Alberta Premier Alison Redford


While Ralph's beliefs about the role of government and fiscal responsibility were once considered radical, it is perhaps his greatest legacy that these ideas are now widely embraced across the political spectrum." -- Stephen Harper.

Yet, as the compliments poured in, it must be remembered that Klein was one of Canada’s most aggressive neo-liberals. “King Ralph”, as he was widely known, served as premier of Alberta from 1992 to 2006.

A problem-drinker, Klein was forgiven for many of his personal blunders by frontier-mentality Albertans who believed in rugged individualism and small government.

How much did Harper spend on Keystone XL pipeline promotion?

Press Release
Mar 15th, 2013

The Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union of Canada (CEP) is calling for a full accounting of the public money spent lobbying in favour of the highly controversial Keystone XL pipeline, according to a CEP press release. 

In recent weeks, several Conservative ministers including Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver have flown to Washington to push the approval of the pipeline while Harper has made it the top priority for Canada's embassies and 22 consular offices in the U.S for three consecutive years.

"The Conservatives have spent millions of public dollars to push for a pipeline that will export Canadian jobs, trample First Nations rights undermine domestic industrial policy and is bad for the environment" said CEP National President Dave Coles.

Stephen Harper's deadly toys

Warren Bell
Mar 12th, 2013

Photo from Stephen Harper Facebook page

It's finally happened.


Our warlike Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, and his equally pugnacious sidekick Peter MacKay, have finally declared why they want to wear their six-guns in public.


Now, they had dropped hints already.


Getting rid of the long gun registry was one such hint. ("Ya know pardner, for a minute there, I thought that was an illegal crutch under your trenchcoat – thank God it's just a rifle.")


The rise of green Conservatives

Heather Libby
Mar 12th, 2013

Photo from Preston Manning Facebook page

Ezra Levant slouches in his seat, checking his phone. His mouth is smiling, but his eyes are not. After he exits the stage, he'll glad-hand admirers and do interviews with the CBC and Sun News. He'll even pose for a photo with me. But he's a little off his game, and I think I know why.

Because here at the Manning Networking Convention, in front of a ballroom of his most powerful peers, he just got owned. By a conservationist.

Bridging Cultures: Idle No More protest in Surrey

Krystle Alarcon
Feb 28th, 2013
An alleged assault on a First Nations woman who helped organize the Idle No More rallies has shaken the indigenous community, organizers say. This afternoon, activists will gather at Surrey to call to the public to end violence against Aboriginal women. “Bridging Cultures: An Indigenous and Indo-Canadian/South Asian Gathering” takes place today, at 5:30 pm in front of the Newtown Wave Pool. For more information, visit the Facebook Event page.

Enbridge protest in Victory Square takes aim at Harper government's environmental policies

Jenny Uechi
Jan 14th, 2013

Video by dgSolidarity

Around 1,000 rallied in Victory Square in downtown Vancouver against the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline today. Bolstered by the support of Idle No More and Downtown Eastside community groups, the crowd gave a noisy 'welcome' to Enbridge as the as the Joint Review Panel hearings came to Vancouver.

As #IdleNoMore protests storm into Ottawa, no sign of engagement from Harper

Jenny Uechi
Dec 21st, 2012

Idle No More photo via Isabeau Doucet @DizzyShambles 

Thousands of Idle No More protesters are rallying in the snow in Ottawa to protest Bill C-45, which includes amendments that many First Nations say infringes on their rights. 

""I travelled 3,000 km to be on these steps with these flags," one woman shouted according to Guardian reporter Isabeau Doucet, who was at the event.  

But with the world watching (support for Idle No More has come in from places such as The Ukraine, while the UK Guardian wrote one of the most definitive articles on the issue), the Harper government has so far shown little response. 

Tories' popularity rating drops, Nanos research poll shows

Linda Solomon Wood
Dec 7th, 2012

Screen shot of Nanos Research poll on federal party support

The Liberals have inched tantalizingly close to the Tories in popularity, a Nanos poll released last week indicates.  Only a 4.1 gap separates the two parties in the poll with the NDP less than 2 percent behind the Liberals. 

The Nanos poll shows 33.1 per cent of its respondents supporting the Conservative party, while 29 percent said they supported Liberals.  NDP had 27.2 per cent support, according to Nanos. 

The question Nanos asked 1,004 Canadians 18 years of age and older was:

"For those parties you would consider voting for federally, could you please rank your top two."

In British Columbia, Conservative support is higher.

Screen shot of Nanos Research Chart on federal party support in British Columbia

BC Liberal Abbotsford South Riding Association resigns, alleging undemocratic appointment of Darryl Plecas

Jenny Uechi
Nov 20th, 2012

BC Liberal Abbotsford South Riding Association has resigned today, saying the appointment of criminologist Darryl Plecas was “not democratic.” The Riding Association stated that it was "not consulted" on the appointment, and alleged ties between Plecas and Energy, Mines and Natural Gas Minister Rich Coleman.

The letter came from former Riding Association president Stephen Evans.

November 20, 2012

To Whom It May Concern,

It is with a deep sense of regret that I have accepted the resignation of My Board of Directors for the BC Liberals – Abbotsford South Riding. With this letter, I also am resigning as President of the Abbotsford South Riding Association.

Gangnam Style parody: Mitt Romney Style (video)

Beth Hong
Oct 6th, 2012

The ever inventive frat boys with high IQs at College Humour created a hilarious video spinoff of the worldwide viral song "Gangnam Style" with "Mitt Romney Style", appealing to all the "wealthy ladies" of America (and definitely not the 47 per cent of freeloading Americans who don't pay taxes.)


Full lyrics:

Mitt Romney style!
Romney style!

I got a horse in the Olympics girl
But I don’t even watch ‘em
In and out of tax loopholes
‘Cause I’m so fuckin’ awesome
Bitch it’s Friday night so we be benefit hoppin’
Check my con-spic-u-ous consumption

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