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Overheard at the Olympics

Grounded TV Talks to BCCLA's David Eby About Protests During the Vancouver 2010 Games

Linda Solomon Wood
Mar 4th, 2010

Grounded TV talks to the youngest member of this year’s Vancouver Magazine Power 50 list, David Eby.  Eby is the 33-year-old Executive Director of the B.C. Civil Liberties Association. An adjunct professor of law at the University of British Columbia, David is also the President of the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network and a research associate with the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. David has appeared at all levels of Court in British Columbia, and co-represented United Native Nations at the provincial Inquiry into the death of Frank Paul, a homeless aboriginal man who froze to death after being left in an alley by police.  Here Grounded TV interviews Eby about Olympic protests and how the British Columbia Civil Liberties Association works to protect the rights of all citizens, not just a few.

On the Streets a Near Mob, in Sears an Arrest, in the Canada Line... Flags and Sponatenous Outbrusts of National Anthem

Linda Solomon Wood
Mar 1st, 2010

The streets were so thick with celebrating people, it verged on being a mob.

But it remained a big party.

On Howe and Granville two taxis got caught in the torrent of happy hockey fans and couldn't move. 


An officer leaned inside and told the taxi drivers, "Just sit tight." 

What We Saw at the Closing Ceremonies of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games

Linda Solomon Wood
Feb 28th, 2010

What we saw at the Closing Ceremony of the 2010 Games was very different than what we saw in the Opening Ceremony


 In retrospect, the Opening Ceremonies seem overwrought. Tonight, on the other hand seemed as light as the atmosphere in the streets of Vancouver were after Canada took the gold medal in hockey today---maybe too light.


We saw Neil Young, Avril Lavigne, Nickelback and Alanis Morissette perform. 


We heard an orchestra and saw ballet from Sochi, Russia, a city of 400,000 and the site of the 2014 Winter Games. The performance was inspiring and conveyed historical and cultural refinement and sophistication that was utterly lacking in the rest of the programme.


Fireworks Celebration at 2010 Games at LiveCity Site Creates a Display Worthy of a Gold Medal

Linda Solomon Wood
Feb 28th, 2010

A spectacular fireworks marked the last night of two weeks of fireworks in Vancouver.    In the Canada Line at Roundhouse/Yaletown, two women sang "Oh, Canada."  A group of guys coming the opposite direction joined in.  Soon, the entire station was filled with people singing together.  Canada spirit was running high.

Earlier in the evening, Blue Rodeo performed.  What a night.

Canada Women's Hockey Team Members Hold Their Own Under Drubbing by Press at BC Media Centre

Linda Solomon Wood
Feb 26th, 2010

Jennifer Botterill in a photograph by Linda Solomon

Although the New York Times had already declared it over, the Canada Women's Hockey Team, fresh from winning a Gold Medal, still underwent a drubbing by (male) journalists today at a press conference at the BC Media Centre.  In a blog entitled "Furor Over Canada Women’s Team Celebration Fizzles", Ian Austin described the incident over, but the hammering happened anyway with (male) reporters questioning four of the team's members about a party they held on the ice after their victory.

I've attended  numerous press conferences with newly minted medal winners over the last twelve days and the tone was never like this.   And it felt way off kiltre.  Like the boys were telling the girls they'd been bad.

So mainly the press conference consisted of the four women having to apologize in a new way for each questioner, and it really got old.

Over and over they said they had hoped for the celebration to remain private.  They were exhausted.  They hard worked hard for the medal. 

K'Naan Sings a New Canadian Anthem

Linda Solomon Wood
Feb 26th, 2010


If I knew how to download and send two Itunes songs to everyone in the world, (and if I could afford it) I would send two songs from last night's K'Naan concert at the Orpheum Theatre, because I think they have the power to change people's lives.  "Wavin' Flag" and "Fatima"  by K'Naan tell stories that strike a universal chord and illluminate the immense difficulties faced by people living in war zones and tell the story of obstacles overcome. They speak of human cruelty, while also giving hope.

K'Naan took time to make sure his audience at the Orpheum last night understood the words and the story behind both songs---the first of a boy leaving war torn Somalia with his refugee family, trying to find a home in Harlem, only to be discovered by the INS, fleeing to Toronto, learning English, to become the composite Canadian he is today.  A deep Canadian anthem.

 The second song wrenched the heart with the extreme longing it communicated for a life not realized, a love lost, a girl taken away by unidentified forces, perhaps murdered, perhaps stolen...the story contrasting with the upbeat melody. 

Residents Suffering Fear of Olympics Being Over (FOBO) As the Closing Ceremonies for the 2010 Vancouver Games Draw Near

Linda Solomon Wood
Feb 25th, 2010

Fear of the Olympics being over (FOBO) afflicts four out of five  Vancouverites, a recent survey taken by Team Vancouver Observer shows.  

"Will our city remain so jovial and friendly?" tweets @kpwerker.

"I am already depressed about it," writes Janine T in a comment on Facebook in response to a VO poll about the spread of FOBO through the city.

"I have that unexpected feeling. I don't want it to end. I'm enjoying the "aliveness" of it all. Back to over?" @tjbuffonery tweets.

FOBO is also afflicting television-viewers throughout the world who are suffering from Anticipatory Vancouver Deprivation Disorder (AVDD.)

"We'll miss seeing how beautiful BC is and all we'll get instead will be Jay Leno and the new Jerry Seinfeld show about arguing married couples,"  writes New York resident Lynn S on Facebook.

"Still have our Vancouver Whitecaps FC soccer games in spring/summer to look forward to. Also, a few marathon, running, multi-sports races to keep us busy in the spring/summer," Earla R added.

Canada Beats Russia in Hockey at the 2010 Vancouver Games and the Crowds Go Wild

Linda Solomon Wood
Feb 25th, 2010

A kiss for Canada in a photo by Linda Solomon

There were kisses for Canada and shouts of joy on the streets as Canada  defeated Russia last night in hockey at the 2010 Winter Games.

From the DTES to Kitsilano and all across Canada, it was a moment of joy and celebration, as Canada beat  Russia  at the 2010 Winter Games.

What defines Canada more than hockey?






Celebrities, Athletes, Go Go Dancers, Hip Hop Artists, and Club Shots from the 2010 Olympic Games

Linda Solomon Wood
Feb 24th, 2010

Photographs from two red carpet evenings at Canvas Lounge on Powell Street by Linda Solomon

The Boombox Saints pose for pictures.

Jon Montgomery shows off his Gold Medal for men's skeleton racing with the hosts of Shaw Cable's Urban Rush show.

Chin Injeti, Juno award-winning producer and band member of The New Royales

Silver medal winner posing with unknown man.

The new movie, Amazon Falls, actress April Telek

Michael Eklund,  actor

Schema Magazine staff

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