Rotavirus Vaccine – What’s a Parent To Do?

“Pediatricians Want Kids to Get Rotavirus Vaccine” were headlines in The Vancouver Sun this week and it was an interesting read, particularly in the wake of the huge recall of Glaxo-Smith-Kline’s rotavirus vaccine Rotarix last year in the US, when it was discovered to have been contaminated with a pig virus – discovered only after the vaccine had been injected into over one million children in the US alone.  While officials quickly reassured the public that this virus is benign in humans, such reassurances are not backed by any concrete evidence – there are no scientific studies showing what happens when this virus is injected and resides in a human body over the course of a lifetime.


Rotavirus, which as the article states is barely a household word, causes diarrhea and vomiting and is highly contagious.  The danger comes from dehydration, which in small children can occur fast and if not rectified, be life-threatening.  Third-world children living in poverty with poor sanitation are most at risk, however even in North America apparently death by Rotavirus dehydration causes between 20 – 60 deaths annually.  So the idea is that by vaccinating children against this common but usually undiagnosed illness, those deaths due to Rotaviral dehydration won’t occur.  But since viruses easily mutate, the chances of a child catching a mutated rotavirus or some other virus causing diarrhea and vomiting is pretty much guaranteed - meaning parents still need to know how to prevent their child from becoming dehydrated and support their healthy recovery. 


For those parents who feel nervous injecting yet another pharmaceutical cocktail into their young child’s body, another option is to promote the health and development of their fledgling immune system through old-fashioned ideas such as good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle as well as educate themselves in natural therapies to use when their children do become ill.  My three children have all come down with bouts of diarrhea/vomiting at various times but by treating them with a combination of homeopathic remedies and common sense (some of which came from my doctor on the rare occasions I needed to consult with her/him), again and again I was amazed by the miracle of homeopathy as their bodies responded quickly and positively.    


Homeopathic remedies are a fantastic resource for a parent, especially in the middle of the night when your child wakes up vomiting or feverish.  With a small selection of remedies commonly needed in acute illnesses, a book to help you in differentiating the remedies, and a basic understanding of how to match remedies to the sick person, it’s not unusual to ease the illness immediately and have everyone sleep through to morning.  The wonderful thing about homeopathic remedies is that unlike drugs such as Tylenol which actually suppress the immune system’s functioning, they work to immediately stimulate the sick person's healing processes.  The experience of illness can then serve to actually make a child healthier overall - and therefore less susceptible to getting sick again, eliminating the cycle of antibiotics so many children end up on, particularly during the winter months.


If you are interested in learning to use homeopathy to treat common illnesses, consider taking a short seminar on the subject or pick up one of the many books available on using homeopathic remedies at home.  Meeting other parents who have successfully been using homeopathy to treat their children's illnesses without frequent trips to the walk-in clinic is another bonus of attending a seminar. As one of the most widely practiced medical systems in the world, homeopathy is once again gaining ground at a grass-roots level here in North America – despite the noisy opinions of those who are skeptical.   While our wonderful modern medicine can be necessary in severe illnesses, there are many other situations where an informed parent and homeopathy can provide all the support their child needs to overcome whatever virus is challenging their system.

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Homeopathy and vaccines

The use of homeopathy are a primary treatment for infants with serious diarrhea is dangerous for the infant. A parent should have their child examined by a pediatrician and have the baby's stool tested, since that is the disease vector for Rotavirus.


The homeopath who wrote this article demonstrates a serious lack of knowledge of diseases, and specifically Rotavirus. First, the rotavirus vaccines, RotaRIX and RotaTEQ are administered orally. There is NO injection.


Second, there was no pig *virus* found in the vaccines. Some pig virus DNA was found, but this is harmless. Even if PCV virus was found, there has never been a case of a human conracting the disease. There are diseases that are species specific, and this is one of them.


Last, but certainly not least, this homeopath says: "But since viruses easily mutate, the chances of a child catching a mutated rotavirus or some other virus causing diarrhea and vomiting is pretty much guaranteed..." This is just ignorance of someone who does not have training or knowledge in diseases.


The ONLY condition that I would use homeopathy to treat is dihydrogen monoxide deficiency syndrome.





Thank you for your correction as to the administration of the Rotavirus vaccine as the Rotarix is indeed an oral vaccine, made with a live, attenuated virus.  However regarding the discovery of a pig virus within the vaccine, the actual wording from is "On March 22, 2010 the FDA recommended that the use of the Rotarix vaccine be suspended in the United States because of some DNA from a porcine (pig) virus was detected in the vaccine."

"The wonderful thing about homeopathic remedies is that unlike drugs such as Tylenol which actually suppress the immune system’s functioning, they work to immediately stimulate the sick person's healing processes."

Thus revealing the ignorance of the author as to how vaccines work. Vaccines "immediately stimulate the healing process" before someone even GETS sick, ensuring that his/her body has already created the immune response necessary to fight off a pathogen. The crack about mutating pathogens also reveal the author's ignorance of basic immunology - while the DNA/RNA of viruses does mutate, vaccines are made to detect the proteins on the outside - proteins that are far less susceptible to mutation.

All of this is to say nothing of the fact that homeopathy doesn't stimulate ANYTHING. It's water. That's it. It might stimulate your kidneys to excrete waste products faster, but beer does that a whole lot better, and is much cheaper. It's not just the 'noisy voices of skeptics' that say this, it's the scientific evidence. Homeopathy didn't work yesterday, doesn't work today, and will not work tomorrow.

Rotavirus Vaccine?

Sadly its not the kids who need the vaccine the most that are having it marketed to them.  Granted diarrhea is an unfortunate illness in Canada, given our access to good medical care (IV fluids) it is only rarely, if ever, fatal.  We here in the developed west can weigh the benefits with the drawbacks (ie cost) and make informed decisions.  Impoverished countries on the other hand are the ones that need it most, but don't have that luxury (it costs about $200 USD for the series).



Rotavirus vaccine!

Dear Susan,
My belief system includes but is not limited to homeopathy, accupuncture, yoga, visual imagery and vaccinations. I am sharing my story to prevent any misunderstandings for the general public.
Practicing as a nurse anesthestist(with a graduate masters degree) for 20 years, and a nurse (BSN) since 1983, I am also now a Ph.D. student in Public Health. My dissertation is arising from a personal experience with my then 9 month old daughter and rotavirus.
Also, my oldest (now 7) was residing in an orphanage in China before we were united. She also, has a miraculous event with rotavirus. The virus infected her orphangage the month before we became a family. She did NOT become infected and I am thanking the universe/higher power/God for this gift!!!!!!!!!!!!
At the tender age of 47, WITHOUT MEDICAL INTERVENTION, or any conscious intention, my significant other at the time, and I realized I was pregnent.....and I was already 10 weeks. Despite many unfounded worries, all age related nd all by well intentioned professionals preparing us for anything which statistically was against the pregancy proceeding well, we have a VERY ENERGETIC, healthy daughter.
Now, despite our over 25 years in health care, I honestly was not aware of rotavirus and it's ramifications, particularly for children under 2 years of age.
At 9 1/2 months, my daughter became very ill, refused formula,milk, food, and had diarrhea so horrendously, I took her to an emergency room on her 4th day. Previously, I had been DROPPER FEEDING her every hour. The emergency room was a bit cavalier, gave her intravenous fluids, and discharged her (no further discussion because of pending things going on).
About 15 hours later, I was in a nearby, very good, well known, pediatric hospital for children, crying from worry, no sleep and an unresponsive daughter! She was semicomatose. I stood in the middle of the emergency room, after triage, and loudly declared: my daughter is in danger, I promise you! I am a nurse anesthetist (something I DONOT disclose) and my daughter is in danger! She is unresponsive. I promise you, draw her labs, and if they come back normal, I will wait until every other child is seen. but, I know, my daughter is in danger!
Humoring me, the professionals drew her labs, sent them for fast results. The results for any one who can interpert were: sodium 158, sodium bicarb of 6, glucose of 55, ph 7.22. The professionals were on my daughter faster than a peeding bullet! They were even discussing putting her on a ventilator for correct her metabolic problem. Now remember, she had been in an emergencyroom 15 hours prior! What if she had not?
The rotavirus was the culprit! She remained hospitalized fr 5 days until her metabolic status was corrected.
I did not know about rotavirus, nor the vaccine. Somehow, she fell through the crack for the vaccination schedule!

I am now developing a campaign incorporating the rotavirus into daycare information.

Please do not let thishappen to your child! This virus is nothing to play with, particularly for children age 2 and under!
Learn from our experience, please!

Yours, Kim