New "concerned citizens group" has deep pockets and close ties to oil industry

Screencap from BC4IP video

Last week, a new ad promoting oil pipelines appeared ahead of my favourite new song on YouTube. It featured a pair of actors having a simulated ‘real-life’ conversation about the paradox between protecting the environment and future economic growth. After the female actor asks, “But can’t we have both?” the man responds, “but if we let pipelines and tankers into our environment, what safeguards to we have?”

A third, smiling actor steps onto the scene, and says in a reassuring voice: “Let’s look at the facts.” She proceeds to set the environment-versus-economy debate to rest with a series of stats about double-hulled tankers and the "99.9 per cent safety record" of pipelines.

The ad is part of a campaign by British Columbians for International Prosperity, a new concerned citizen’s group that calls itself “an independent group of concerned citizens looking to promote practical resource development, international trade expansion, manufacturing development, and other initiatives bringing prosperity to British Columbia, Canada, and our Global partners”.

But a closer look reveals the group's deep connections to the oil sands industry, according to research that ran in today's Globe and Mail. 

A domain search for the website registered on December 20, 2012, shows that the website is registered to Bruce Lounds of “West Coasters for International Prosperity Association”.

Lounds is a management consultant based in Vancouver. He works at Connex Solutions, Inc.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Lounds' specialties include Project Evaluations, Regulatory Affairs, Heavy Oil and Tar Sands Sector, Project Management, Economics, Business Unit Management.

His role at Connex solutions, where he has been since 1998, is “Management Consulting in Heavy Oil / Tar Sands Sector”.

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Tar sands Ad from from BC4IP

The basic fact still is that we cannot use the already on the books oil reserves. This Carbon Risk will ultimately devastate fossil fuel stocks as it is recognized and removed. HSBC is already demanding to know how much 'carbon risk' their clients hold.

 British Columbians for International Prosperity sounds like a Koch brothers shadow group...much like Americans for prosperity .

Just another bunch of greedy

Just another bunch of greedy oil patch pigs.

One side of the coin.

Quick, get Revenue Canada on this one.
Better not be any rank, misappropriated or foreign environmental group money in there.  
Oh, wait.  Fraser Institute? ... No problem.  Let 'em roll.

Tell it like it is.

Emma Pullman's excellent article points to the facts about oil pipeline security, not the spin. And that's the critical dividing line in contemporary media reporting. Public Relations began as a method of developing good and positive and factual relationships with a company's consumers, but quickly devolved into self-interested obfuscation of the truth. It appears that P.R. companies presume "we can't handle the truth" but it's collectively dawning on us that we can't live with their lies.

Tell All

Just let everyone of your contacts know about this article.....and go on line and sign the Forest Ethics petition adressed to Obama.


If we don't show courage and speak up and out, their shell outfits will dictate our governmental policies, domestic and foreign....while outfits like the Frazer Institute tell the common man and women that the problem is big government..rather than the capture of our governments and media by big multinationals whos main reason for existing is to extract every penny of value out of our ecosysystems.


The good news is, no matter what they do, we the people can win this one.

Pipeline Ads

I notice the ad said something like "if a leak is detected the pieline can be shut off like that" . They don't say the oil already in the pipe between the valve and the rupture will of course leak.  The max distance between shutoff valves of KXL may be 20 miles

If they can't be honest about

If they can't be honest about who is backing them why should we suppose anything else that comes out of their mouths is any more honest. I hope the government is investigating whether foriegn money is trying to influence the decisions again.

Where's the hypocrisy

Can someone point me to the hypocrisy referred to in the last paragraph?  I may just be missing it, but I really don't see it (please educate me).

I am anti-pipeline so completely agree with the values underlying the article.  But question the article itself. While I think it smells fishy and that big companies are probably funding them, the article didn't offer any proof.  It seems reasonable to me that a man who makes his living off of oil companies would be pro-pipeline and may be part of (or even form) a group like this so that on its own is far from conclusive proof.  If someone who made their money off environmental protection started an anti-pipeline group, I doubt there would be a similar article written.

To sum up - while I'm anti-pipeline, I think this article jumps to conclusions and makes dramatic statements that are not backed up by fact.  Which is okay - just admit that it's opinion or you end up being the hypocrite.

Not just industry to blame... read this post for tips!

I agree 100% that these pipelines are a danger. However, for the time being, shipping with trucks and train cars might be worse. Even more worse is externalizing the environmental damages by restricting development here and allowing these companies to operate with less regulation in other countries... like our maining companies already do.

There is really only one solution. People in Canada need to USE LESS OIL PRODUCTS. The per capita CO2 emissions by the average person in the world is 4.5 tonnes anually. This is nearly 6 tonnes in China now. In Canada it is a whopping 16.15 tonnes... And before you blame out cold weather, consider this, Sweden is 5.58 and Norway is 8.49. That Norway stat also includes a booming oil and gas industry like Canada's.

In Canada, 30% of emissions aparently come from transportation, while 6.9% come from tar sand development. I am sick and tired of spoiled Canadians who oppose the pipelines and oil sand development, but then act as stupid and clueless as ants. If we stop the developments and continue to use as much oil, we will simply be doing more environmental harm because we will be importing that oil from less regulated countries.

Here is a list of things we can do to actually make a difference:
1) shop less OR shop local: when you buy something made in a different country, that product has been shipped in an incredibly unsustainable manner, and likely was made from parts shipped all around the world. That new iphone had airoplanes and tankers circling around the globe just so you can impress your friends with a newer gadget.
2) Drive less and take the bus: yah, we have buses in Canada now. Let's us them before their budgets get cut.
3) Eat less meat and buy organic and local food: I still eat meat, but it its best to eat less. Agriculture is unfortunately on of the biggest polluters on earth, but we need it. That is why its best to support more sustainable food production. Before you buy ice cream from the US, or tomatoes from Mexico, see if you can get local stuff.
4) Take water and coffee from home: Canada throws out something like 25-30 million disposable coffee cups a DAY. DO the math, how many is that a year? It's probably something close for plastic pop and water bottles too. Those coffee cups aren't recyclable, and the plastic water bottles are made out of petroleum products.
5) There is more... its up to you to find it!

Lastly, thank you for reading! I hope you are not too deppressed now!

The real problem is the

The real problem is the critical shortage of critical thinking skills among the general population.  It should be perfectly obvious to anyone that any "grassroots group" who can afford to run a TV ad on anything but a local station is probably not a grassroots group.  And if in doubt, ask yourself, is there a pro-industry message?  Why, WHY do our children not learn about propaganda in social studies?  They could study Nazi Germany as a perfect example.  Come on, this stuff should be basic!!

Heard that tone before

Arrggg,  my gut turns over when I hear those familiar refrains such as "some people are against any kind of development" - I know he is talking about "me" [environmentalists]. The FACT is that I have campaigned for DEVELOPMENT of renewable energy projects, and that I am only against Tar Sands expansion.

  More than that, I have promoted renewable energy because those projects have much BETTER economics - longer term, stable economics and a stable clean energy supply - especially when combined with energy storage installations such as "pumping water uphill" when the wind blows all night or when demand is low but the sun is shining. Germany and Russia are using energy storage to great effect.

   He probably knows that solar energy is now a less expensive way to produce electricity than by burning coal - and that is without counting the damage done by burning coal [mercury, lead contamination, CO2 global warming and ocean acidification, etc].

   We are living in a propagandist state. The platitudes of the oil industry are obvious examples. If this were not a "corrupt corporatocracy" those slanted statements, designed to sway public opinion against environmentalism, would not be splashed all over the media - and our government would surely not be asking the oil industry for advice on how to write legistlation!!

 Arrrggg, what makes me angry is that they get away with it.

Dishonest Facebook Group

British Columbians for International Prosperity is a dishonest group that advertises ENDLESSLY on Facebook.  When I see their ads on my page, it gives a list of my friends who have "liked" them.  The "likes" are completely false and I've tried reporting them to Facebook numerous times as spam.

This group is using people's friends lists to falsely imply they are supporting and "liking" their group.  An easy way to advertise their cause in a dishonest way.

Incredible how desperate the oil industry to further their addiction.  Don't believe the lies.



Nice work

Very nice, exposing this group as nasty minions of big oil. Now let's see some equality and journalistic integrity with an expose on the anti pipeline crowd and their ties to American, Saudi and perhaps Russian interests. 

Or it only one point of view to be presented?