Climate change bringing bacteria infections to Baltic

Imagine that it’s a hot summer’s day in Northern Europe. The heat wave has lasted for more than three weeks now and you’re just dying to get into the ocean for a swim to cool off, except that you can’t, because there’s been a bacteria outbreak in the water and going swimming will make you sick.

It doesn’t sound like fun does it? But it’s happening increasingly in the Baltic Sea, and it looks like climate change is providing the exact conditions these bacteria love.

Vibrio is a type of bacteria that grows really well in warm (>15oC) low-salinity (<25 parts per trillion salt) water. The most common type in estuaries and other shallow water is Vibrio vulnificus, which is related to the same bacteria that causes cholera (Vibrio cholerae). Not a nice family, really.

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Maybe you don’t but I need

Maybe you don’t but I need certainty before I condemn my family to a CO2 hell.

Not one single IPCC warning says it "WILL" happen, only "might" and "likely" and "potentially" and................

Science says: "Climate change is real and is happening and "could" cause a climate crisis including unstoppable warming."

NEVER have they said it actually will happen one hundred percent. I want %110 before I issue CO2 death threats to my kids.

How close to the point of no return from unstoppable warming will the lab coats of science take us before they say simply; "A crisis WILL happen definitely"?

HELP MY HOUSE COULD BE ON FIRE MAYBE? Only lazy copy and paste news editors and politician have ever said it “WILL” happen. Science agrees it is real but does not agree it is a real crisis. Reefer Madness?

80 million people create real pollution in the Baltic

Do a search for Baltic Pollution and one finds "Nine countries share the Baltic Sea coastline; Sweden and Finland to the north, Russia, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania to the east, followed by Poland in the south, and Germany and Denmark in the west. About 16 million people live on the coast, and around 80 million in the entire catchment area of the Baltic Sea. The catchment area includes part of Belarus, the Czech Republic, Norway, the Slovak Republic and Ukraine, as some of the rivers find their sources here"

Obviously the writer isn't dumb, so how come she blames bacteria blooms on warmer water alone?   Beside nutrients, heat pollution is probably coming from sewage too.

I'm really tired of the sophistry of the Climate Scammers.