If Oprah Winfrey is willing to plug "Ethical Oil", why stop with the tar sands?

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 Good one Barry !your points

 Good one Barry !

your points reminded me Dr. Albert Barlett's Laws related to Sustainability, in particular laws # 16 and 17 that say:

16 - Starving people don't care about sustainability

17 - The addition of the word "sustainable" to our vocabulary, to our reports, programs and papers, to the names of our academic institutes and research programs, and to our community initiatives, is not sufficient to ensure that our society becomes sustainable.   

Just change in the above laws the word sustainable for ethical and we have the Canadian approach for being ethical. 



Thanks for this article, which alerts us to the fact that the world is going to end, although not necessarily by December, 2012. Knowing that the world is not going to STOP using fossil fuels NOW, and that humanity is rushing headlong into the abyss, only reaffirms my low opinion of humanity and that we don't deserve the oasis we call earth. But to think of us turning the earth into Venus so that no living thing survives only shows how utterly disgusting humanity is. 

I think the Ethical Oil

I think the Ethical Oil campaign is fooling exactly no one. Everyone in NA knows the Keystone XL pipeline would never be approved by the Obama admin if the US economy wasn't in the toilet. And I can't imagine the people of BC are especially eager to have their own pipe dream to China fufilled.

Let the man do his job, at least he's on our side.

If you ignore what the science says, then you are ignorant. The Alaskan pipeline has broke through natural shifting of our earth. Scares me. Being totally free from fuels is going to take alot of time and money, we will have if Obamas jobs bill gets passed to get the taxes comming in again. Then we can get the people back to work, Where the contractors buy only American products made in America to build these bridges, highways, lighting, gas, barriers, down to the cones that are used. What an America that would be.... than we could take all those taxes comming in by all those working people and do something really big with renewable energy....immagine if we bought only from union factories, and everything built union. OUR MIDDLE CLASS IS BACK. What a great America that would be.


My main objection to the distortions that the "environmentalists" are presenting, as compared to the distortions that the oil companies are presenting, is that eliminating the oil sands industry would reduce world wide GHG emissions by less that 0.5%. The focus needs to be on consumption of fossil fuels, especially coal fired power plants in the US and China. (The Taichung Power Plant in Taiwan emits about 42 megatonnes of CO2 per year, compared to 45 megatonnes for the entire oil sands industry).

coal-fired...what's that

Wisconsin coal-fired plants also produce more CO2 than all of the oil sands put together. That is only one tiny state too.


Give Your Head A Shake!

This is ridiculous, would you rather drilling for oil in the Gulf of Mexico where millions of creatures and people live? or extract oil using conventional mining techniques no different than coal, gold or potash as they do up in Northern Alberta's "Oil Sands".

I love how people have so much negativity on the subject when they have never seen the truth themselves. Go look at any other oil extraction process. Take Venezuela for example. Do you think they have the stringent environmental laws that Alberta does? Do you think that Texas thinks twice about putting another drilling operation in play months after the most devastating oil disaster in the world?

 Well written article I must say, but reality sinks in when you're a Canadian trying to put a halt to the Oil Sands, while letting billions of $ in potential exports be produced in other countries. 

Also if you knew anything about the oil and gas industry you would see that processing shale gas has a larger environmental impact then the oil sands.

Give your head a shake, if you want to spur change find an alternative solution.